Britomarti Picture

As illustration inspired by "Spuma d'onda" ("Sea Foam") from Dialoghi con Leucò by Cesare Pavese.
Britomarti was a forests and cliffs Nymph, she ran and jumped off a cliff into the sea to not be catched by a man who was chasing her. So she became a Nymph of the Sea...

Britomarti: "Prima ero ninfa delle rupi, ora del mare. Siamo fatte di questo. La nostra vita è foglia e tronco, polla d'acqua, schiuma d'onda. Noi giochiamo a sfiorare le cose, non fuggiamo. Mutiamo..."

Britomarti: learning to fly
08 ocean
another sea picture from pixabay
1 texture from atmosphere FREE texture pack

All the rest from my own resources, stocks, brushes, curves, textures... and painting, painting, painting.

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