Akatsuki: As Real as You Are Picture

Hidenka Akatsuki © Sessy-Lady
a.k.a. Princess Aurora © Sessy-Lady
Commission Concept & Idea © Sessy-Lady
Artwork © Annyaonweb

Name: Hidenka Akatsuki (Princess Aurora)
Age: 350 years old
Born in: May
Species: Suzaku Sorceress
Abilities: Life Sorceress (her primary role); she is also a water and fire soreceress, meaning she can control these elements
Relatives: Eldest living daughter of the current King and Queen of the Suzaku clan in the Western Lands

I decided I wanted to try a semi-realistic view of my oc Hidenka Akatsuki (Princess Aurora). Beautiful, isn't she?

My OC Hidenka Akatsuki comes into the picture when she unexpectedly shows up to help Sesshomaru find his lost brother, whom she is afraid will die without his elder brother's assistance. If you're reading my Sesshomaru & Inuyasha: Brother's in Arms story. You will soon find out more about the Suzaku life sorceress.

My OC Hidenka Akatsuki (a Suzaku life sorceress) was introduced in: Chapter 14--The Life Sorceress

This beautiful image was commissioned by me and created by
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