Added Scene 1 Picture

This scene will be added after page 51 (the scene where Athena helps Rhea to clean wool). I thought it was a bit too bad that I didn't show more of Athena's interest in the martial arts, so I wanted to have a scene where she's training submission wrestling with someone. The only problem was who her opponent should be. After some thinking I chose Bia, the goddess of force and bodily strength, who together with her siblings Zelos, Kratos and Nike fought together with Zeus in the Titan War. They were children of Styx, who actually was one of the Okeanides which makes Bia a cousin to Athena.

Their poses in the second panel is taken from an ancient Greek vase painting.

I also thought it was too bad that Poseidon disappeared from the story pretty fast, so I included him in this scene to show that the personal chemistry between him and Athena really doesn't work.

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