Cratos Picture

Ok I feel compelled to make a clarification! First, I am a huge Kenyon fan. I have read and own all of her books. Have been to her signings as well. This is a piece of ART that was INSPIRED by the book. NOT a literal interpretation of the book! I KNOW what the main character looks like. If I wanted to do him as the book describes I would have done it! This is NOT fan art. If you have your own model/look in your mind that is fine. This was mine. Enjoy it for what it is. Thank you.

In Greek mythology, Cratos (English translation: "strength") was a son of Pallas and Styx, and he was the personification of strength and power. Cratos and his siblings, Nike ("victory"), Bia ("force") and Zelus ("zeal"), were all companions of Zeus.

Cratos simply accepts Zeus's orders completely. Zeus's justice, for Cratos, is the only possible justice. Cratos cannot understand how someone might fail to hate an enemy of Zeus. He shows an absolute identification of a slave with his master, taking Zeus's thoughts as his thoughts and Zeus's orders as his maxims. Unlike Hephaestus and Oceanus, Cratos experiences no friendship or pity because he has no value system outside the one imposed on him by Zeus. In another strand of myth, Cratos is a Titan who binds Prometheus on order of Hephaestus.

I just got done reading a book from one of my fav. authors Sherrilyn Kenyon where he was the main character. So there is the inspiration!

Also, I was having some color problems with the male model who happens to be
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