BFOI App - Year 2 Picture

After last year's failure at making the deadline for the BFOI, Bia's team played on the sidelines as all hell broke loose (luckily, this time, it wasn't their fault). This year, with the new competition drawing near, she returns with a full team and, what do you know, within the deadline! Ohana Islands might just sink, after all.

Jolly - Strong Willed
Beatriz, who goes by Bia most of the time, is a native from Lavaridge Town, and having lived there during most of her childhood, has a soft spot for fire- and well as dak-types. Due to the ungodly amount of water in the tournament (it does take place in Ohana Islands), she thought it best to lay off the fireballs and take her chances with a more disaster-proof team.
Likewise, her wardrobe was subjected to some serious scavenging as she looked for clothes suited for warmer weather. Currently living in a ranch located somewhere between Snowpoint City and Mount Coronet, she's not used to the heat anymore, and made sure to teach enough ice-type attacks to her team to make her happy (and cool) for the duration of the competition. However, some habits die hard, and she insists in wearing her red coat even though it's blistering hot most of the time.
Bia is a real bookworm, and if she's somehow missing that probably means she found a way to slip off somewhere comfy so she could cozy up to one of her books. She'll read everything from classics to novels, which might or might not come in handy in a dire situation. Used to calling the shots in her ranch, she doesn't take orders well, and the only one she'll allow to ride herd on her is her first pokemon and partner, Dutchess.
She's absolutely phobic of Roselias and all pokemon belonging to their evolutionary line, and will be wary of most grass-types (she's specially terrified if they know any -Drain moves, which she considers particularly creepy). Aside from that she won't be intimidated by your run-in-the-mill tough pokemon (she is just as likely to cuddle and agggron as she is to run screaming from a snover).

Naughty - Somewhat Vain
Can I put "Very Finicky" in there, too?... No? Shame...
First off, lemme tell you the first truth about Hyde: He's pretty much like mold. You won't like it, you'll try to get rid of it, but slowly he'll end up growing on you. Hyde is the kind of guy you either love of hate. There's just no other way around it.
He's egocentrical, narcisistic and has a way with cheesy pick up lines that will leave you without knowing if you should laugh, cry or facepalm. Chances are the cheesiness will drive you to do it all. At the same time.
Hyde likes to think of himself as a ladies-man, leaving behind a trail of broken hearts and hearty sighs. All females so far seem to disagree with him.
I mean, all females but one. Dutchess, his mate, not only is in love with him, she's also quite jealous, and even though all girls aren't exactly swooning at his feet, she's always giving him the beady-eye as he flirts with pretty much anything that moves (and, if drunk enough, even some things that don't).
He'll play dirty to win, and often uses his Illusion to alter reality around him.

Careful - Quick Tempered
Dutchess is Bia's partner, leader of the team and overall the only one at the ranch considered sane enough to be left in charge of the others.
She always travels outside her pokeball (except when flying - after she almost fell when she was a pup she doesn't really care for it), where she can keep an eye on both Bia and Fur.
Though she has a couple pups (Devyn, a little blue-eyed poochyena that does his namesake proud and Lilith, a zorua with a penchant for disapearing acts), she prefers to leave them home where they're safe and, most important, can't get into even more trouble.
Well used to keeping things under control, she's usually calm, though wary of strangers. But she has a hair-trigger when it comes to her and hers, specially Hyde.
Bia often calls her Dutch.

Gentle - Loves to Eat
Everyone's got to eat sometime. Sya considers it, more than a basic function, an art. As long as it deals with food, she loves it.
Sya's the one in charge of kitchen duty in the ranch, self-appointed cook and baker extraordinaire. More than a fighter, she mostly tags along for her useful value should the team ever get stranded on a desert island, as well as the endless supplies of berries she seems to cart around in that bag of hers. Her magic bag also seems to contain an unlimited suply if MooMoo Milk bottles, which she carries in case of an emergency (Wether it's a battle gone wrong or milktanks suddenly going extinct, I don't know, but they're there)
Her specialty are Oran Berry pies.

Timid - Alert to Sounds
Being a recent addition to the team from Unova, CeeCee is not used to most pokemon species that aren't found in her own region. That means she's often terrified by new pokemon, having no idea what they are and how they behave. She had no problems getting used to Fur, though, and seems to follow him around as if his mere presence worked as a security blanket for her. When scared she'll unleash one hell of a scared shriek, making Hyper Voice her choice attack.
Fur gave her a lilac pendat she wears beneath her bow.

Curious - Impetuous and Silly
The world according to Fur is divided in two categories: Best Friends Forever and Monsters. That makes it quite easy, he either loves you, or he's running screaming from you. He'll mostly love you, so don't worry.
His division doesn't follow much of a logic, he can look at an tyranitar and decide that it's instantly his friend. He might look at a radish and start yelling "Make it go" Make it go!"... It's kind of a mystery, really.
He has a mind much like that of a four-year old, and as such, he's hopelessly attracted to shiny and/or colorful objects. He'll often try to put said objetcs in him mouth, so if you have a favorite earring, better keep it out of his reach least he ends up swallowing it... Bia's lost quite a few trinkets that way...
Bia often calls him Furball, which is not, as most people think, his full name. It's merely an endearment.

Calm - Highly persistent
Having lived in a snowy ranch for a while now, Ruby is more used to flying than swimming like most dragonairs. Since the lakes are frozen during most of the year, she took quite a liking to flying around, which makes her nimbler and faster than your common dragon, one hell of a nightmare to any attacker in a battle. That being said, her size is enough that she can carry Bia on her back (though for only a small distance, and considerably slowed down).
Calm and serene, she likes to gather stories about pokemon mythology (specially those regarding dragons). Her movements are graceful on air as well as in the water, with a natural inclination for contests.
Like all dragonairs she's capable of controling the weather.
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