+B is for Bia+ Picture

Full-view please D:


B is for Bia, the Greek goddess of force.


This is part of a Photoshop Class assignment that we have. Essentially, we have to pick a theme, and then find a magazine picture or draw a drawing for each letter of the alphabet.

I chose the theme: Greek gods and goddesses. Because I love Greek mythology, and I'm stupid enough to draw 26 of them. I'm even taking it one step farther: eventually, I'll have 52 of them drawn to create a full deck of cards. Fun X).

This one is more fanservice-y than Aphrodite, but oh well ^^

EDIT: Btw, some people have been asking me why Bia has no card number yet... this is because I'm planning to draw all of them first, then assign them numbers...? Or maybe I'm just lazy. I don't know XD.
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