Oni Nin: Gouka Jusuchinu Picture

Name: Gouka Jusuchinu
Birthday: May 13th
Village: Hidden Village Of Oni
Ranking: Chuunin
Sex: Male
Age: 16
Hair: Dirty Brown with a bit of black
Eyes: Red

Personality: Born into the newly formed Oni Village Jusuchinu lived a trying and bothersome childhood. His first moments were spent on the battle field, in the mist of a fight between Grass shinobi and Oni his mother gave birth to him. Sadly she gave her life protecting her new born son from the attacking Grass Nin; a random Oni Nin brought him back to the village and his father. Jusuchinu's father, Kaio, was one of Oni villages most promising Jounins and eventually joined the ANBU Squad. When not on missions he would spend all his time training Jusuchinu. As soon as he could walk Kaio had him reading scrolls and focusing chakra. He is a very loud and energetic teen, always ready for a fight or start trouble. A trait he shares with one of is that he has extreme insomnia, visions of battles and death haunts his nightmares. These are thought to be deep subconscious visions he witnesses upon birth.

Background: Jusuchinu is a descended of the Gouka Clan, the 3rd clan of the four original clans that created Oni Village. When Jusuchinu graduated from the Oni academy he was branded with the seal of the Gouka Clan, the kanji symbol for 'fire' on his right hand. Gouka Seta was Jusuchinu's Grandfather, the original Gouka Ninja of the Oni Village; he had the dream of becoming the leader of the Oni village. Sadly these dreams were quickly put down by the other 3 clans. This ambition still lives within Jusuchinu's father, as well as a hate for all other original clans. This trait has been pasted on to Jusuchinu. He sees Ashura Shin as a great rival and friend, having almost exchanged fists with him on many occasions.

Jusuchinu attitude to the other Oni is mostly friendly with a tone of arrogance, being of an advanced bloodline that could resist rubbing it in all the other ninja’s faces? Jusuchinu's real feelings come out in battle. The Gouka clan believes that the only way to express true feelings is with there fists, not there words.

Jusuchinu is gifted in the areas of Taijutsu and Ninjutsu. He has some troubles with Genjutsu's but does know the basic Oni Genjutsu, Onigenshi. Why invade someone's mind when you can just beat them to the point of where there mind doesn't work? Excelling in all the Gouka Clan Advanced Bloodline Jutsu's Jusuchinu seems to be there most promising shinobi to date and is hoped to become the Onikage one day and finally restore the honor to his clan. People of the Oni Village often refer to Jusuchinu as the Oni Taijutsu Specialist, His speed and form are unmatched and he's yet to find a foe who can defeat him in sole Hand to Hand combat, other then his father.

Weapons Of Choice: Hand to Hand, Arm Scythe, Steel Knuckles.

Jutsu's Known: Nanamaru no Jigoku*, Yoroi No Jigoku*, Ichimi no Jigoku*, Kage Isshu*, Ryoku no Oni*, Dash Buchikowasu*, Oni Genjutsu, Cancel, Kawarimi, Bunshin, pretty much all the basics.

Styles: Gouka Clan Style, Boxing, Iron Fist, Shorinji Kempo, Drunken Style, Wing Chun

Gouka Clan Style: Created by Gouka Seta, Gouka hand to hand style is the strongest in the Oni Village. There are primarily 5 stances in the art each serving a different striking purpose. The first of the five is Blazing Fist. It is the all around offensive style, allowing the user quick movements with the arms and legs to perform fast and semi damaging strikes. Napalm Fist, the second stance. Napalm fist is a more open stance that focuses on lower body balance and upper body strength. When in this stance the user can deal an unreasonable amount of damage; draw backs are the slow movement of the attacks and the over all openness of the body. Number three of five is Burning Fist, which is the total defensive stance. Burning fist is used for blocking or deflecting blows away from the body of the user, no offensive actions are normally taken when in his stance unless of course it is combined with Yoroi No Jigoku. Backdraft Fist, the ultimate counter stance and number four of five. This stance requires calmness and concintration to a point of where the user is totally relaxed in all aspects of mind and body. This allows any attacker to be thrown or tripped with ease upon attacking the user. The fifth and final stance, Inferno Fist. For each learner of the Gouka hand to hand style this stance is different, in Jusuchinu's case Inferno fist is an all-around offense defense counter stance. Taking up alot of stamina Jusuchinu harldy ever uses the final stance unless he is in dire need to end a battle quickly. The Inferno fist requires constant movement of the muscles other wise it will not be effective. To comply with the constant movement Jusuchinu uses a split step which in turn increases his foot work, while his arms swing back and forth at his sides, this allows them to snap in to action at any moment and surprise the attacker.

Special Attacks: The Gouka clan has very unique jutsu's and styles. Unlike the other main clans of Oni village it focus on a Taijutsu and Ninjutsu more then Genjutsu. The Gouka style Taijutsu is all about quick, forceful strikes in vital areas of the body, mostly piercing jutsu's. The 7 Circles Of Hell (Nanamaru no Jigoku) is a favorite taijutsu of Jusuchinu's. By releasing the limiters in his brain, he speeds his body up to use this super fast jutsu. It consists of 7 strikes to main areas of the body, left shoulder, right shoulder, jugular, right hip, left hip, crotch, and sternum. If performed correctly, anyone on the receiving end will be out of commission for quite some time, due to extensive training the Gouka clan goes though to use this jutsu, there isn't any negative effect to using it (Like there is with the Initial Lotus). However, in fear of other nin's stealing the style Gouka Clan nin's are only to use it in an emergency situation. Armor Of Hell (Yoroi No Jigoku) is a Gouka Clan special defensive jutsu. The user forces a large of amount of Chakra out of there Chakra holes, causing it to cover there body with a dark aura. The dark flame makes them almost impossible to touch without being burned or scorched. Using these two jutsu's in combination will most certainly destroy any Nin who stands against Jusuchinu. Other advanced Taijutsu's of the Gouka Clan are Shadow Heel (Kage Isshu), a strong heel kick or sweep and Touch Of Hell (Ichimi no Jigoku), after forcing chakra in to his palm a forceful strike to the chest or nose. Finally, the advanced bloodline jutsu passed down from his father. Strength of the Demon (Ryoku no Oni). Developed by one of the four creators of the Oni Village it is the most advanced Taijutsu jutsu in the village. The user forces a large amount of ones chakra in to there muscles, causing them to expand and grow. By using this jutsu the user can cause his muscles to grow four times there original size and strength. With these jutsu's and more Jusuchinu is a very worth opposite for any nin.

Recently after hearing of the Onikages order to attend the Nin Assembly Jusuchinu decided to work hard and creater his own Jutsu for the Gouka Taijutsu style. This Jutsu is the Dash Buchikowasu (Dash Breaker). Making a promise to himself, this is a Forbidden Jutsu only to be used in the most DIRE Situations. He trained for months learning to open the first three gates of the body. Open Gate, Energy Gate, Life Gate. When using the Jutsu, his body turns a blood red color and moves at an almost untrackable. Sadly this is a Double Edged sword and has extremly negative effects on his own body, but his enemy will be either seriously injured or dead when he's finished with them.

Likes: Fighting, fire, mythology, blades, monkeys, beef and broccoli, girls, his village and nature.

Dislikes: Grass Ninja's, toys, worms, bananas, hamsters, children.
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