Angel Justice Picture

Meet the angelic Deadly Alliance team, Angel Justice. Otherwise known as Angels of Justice.

I never played Actraiser in a real SNES game but I played that game on emulator for the SNES. Some people does that. :/ Anyways, this is one of the most popular game that fell off thanks to the sequel of the first game of Actraiser due to only action mode and no sim mode. The first game was so popular in the 90's that ended in 1993. But didn't you know that Soul Blazer, a game was created by Quintet, the same team brought Actraiser to live, and Enix (today Square Enix), had the similar plot from Actraiser? Okay that's sound confusing but I'll give the link for you guys just in case.…
Adding to that, I digitally made a background from the game as you can see. A little tribute and memory from your good old times.
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