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Kali: The meaning of Kali is "black". Mythology: Kali, wife of Shiva, is a Hindu goddess of destruction.
Age: Unknown
Powers and Form:
KALI is a shape shifter like her parents. She has more forms that either, due to the fact she has both heritages. She can be solely a full Eagle like her mother or a full Tiger like her father. She has an Eagle half form; wings, feathers at the back of neck and Eagle senses, and a Tiger half form; Tiger ears, claws and fangs and Tiger senses; and a half form of both Tiger and Eagle. KALI can transform into any form any time she wants except when confronted with her weakness, Tocis leaves. KALI can also create weapons (mainly knives) out of thin air and throw them. Unlike most shape shifters, she transforms into her double half form with any strong, usually negative, emotion. When she transforms this way, she has little morels for other living beings and is more than twice her usual strength and ferocity. KALI learns later in life that she can walk the Mist World (like a spirit realm) because she was surrounded by the aura of her dead twin sister when she was born. She can talk to the Mistais, people of the Mist World, navigate her way through it and use the energy from it in the real world.
Queen Ista, and Eagle shape shifter,
Lenn, a Tiger shape shifter
King Andrew, Falcon shape shifter/ step father
1 Died in childbirth
2, Cecilia, Blind Daughter
3, Died in childbirth
4, 5’s twin, Died in childbirth
5, Kali, 4’s twin, illegitimate Child
6, Conrad, Future King
7, Carla, Daughter
8, Died in childbirth
9, Died in childbirth
Events around her birth:
Her mother was Princess Ista of the Eagle shape shifters who had been outcast from the normal society. She was kidnapped in her teens, lost almost all of her memories and lived in the capital city of the Alliance of Birds. There she met Lenn, a Tiger shape shifter in disguise. Ista developed feelings for Lenn and he returned them. However, a man found her, claiming to be her fiancé, Andrew, a Falcon prince. Ista returned to the Eagle capital and was married to Andrew. She was not happy with her life and periodically snuck of with Lenn. When Ista discovered she was pregnant, she tried to end the relationship with Lenn. However, when two of three pregnancies ended in childbirth and the other produced a blind daughter, she snuck away to Lenn for comfort. Nine months later, a healthy baby girl was born as well as a still born twin; however, both were quite obviously from a different man than Andrew. The girl, named KALI, was left alone; her mother loved her but couldn’t see her often, and Lenn, her father banished by Kind Andrew to different lands. A boy and girl born after, the boy to become king, were followed by two more childbirths.

Story of her life:
KALI was left alone for most of her childhood. Her father was too far for her to go see him and he couldn’t come see her. Her mother had other duties and children to take care of, so she almost never came.
At the age of 7, KALI ran away from the castle. She went to the human lands and lived with an old Spell Master in the forest and learned how to conjure and throw knives. KALI also learned that she sometimes transforms because of strong emotions.
When she turned 11, villagers from the nearby non-shape shifter village came and killed the Spell Master. KALI was taken to the town to be tried for ‘witchcraft’. The Justice Head claimed her to be a willing accomplice and she was sentenced to a whipping. She was whipped but because of her fast healing, they sentenced her to another whipping. Because of the strong emotion of pain and anger after the second whipping, KALI transformed into her double half form. The villagers saw her as a demon creature and locked her away. When she tried to escape, she used her knife throwing but the villagers managed to subdue her. They fed her Tocis leaves, which is harmless when she is in human form but burns when transformed, dressed in a short white dress and tied her to the whipping post. She was whipped until her clothes were indecent rags and didn’t cover her. She transformed into her double half form but because of the Tocis leaves, she ass in pain and the villagers tried to tear her wings off. They mostly succeed and KALI was thrown into a cell. She was abused, beaten and used for her body against her will. Because they kept Tocis leaves in her system, it took a long time for her wounds to heal. Finally, at the age 16, KALI escapes from the cell, kills the main abusers and leaves the human lands.
KALI lives for years in the shape shifter wild lands, not trusting people. She discovers her ability to travel into the Mist World.

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