Mouriett - Fake Form UC Picture

Chary (Basic) - Arkairlett (Stage Two)

(Original drawing)
(First revision)

Extra Written Info

Name Origin: Mourmedy + Arylett.

Mourmedy is part of the name of my symbol, the Atnura Mourmedy Charcill. Pronounced More-ree-et.


God, this took forever. You can see just how much I attacked the paper with obsession-compulsive tendency. I had to get this one ABSOLUTELY right. I'll be fixing that when I colour it digitally.

Basically, it's a Pokémonization of me. What it would be like if there was an Arylett Pokémon. Fakemon version of myself. I've had this specific one as a 'sona for a year now. (I've been designing non-human forms of myself for many years now, including Fakemon. Latest incarnation, still going strong. It's just something I do.) Represents me being a teenager, which I am now. And the reason why I was so obsessive with it, because it's currently in use so it's very important to get it on-model and correctly. For such efforts, I actually used a ruler and a tool to help me understand the scale of measurements. I think the proportions are really good on this and I'm going to try to keep them to this consistency when drawing Mouriett in the future. This is a base.

This isn't under fan art because it doubles as not only a Fakemon, but an original Creation. (And as a Creation, it is just a single individual of an entire species known as Messengers that are much more varying in appearance than that. But info on that's on the first revision.) It's used in both contexts. I'll actually be drawing another version of it in my own personal Creation style to show the distinction. This art is for the Fakemon context. I hope that makes sense.

I really love the tail. It's like Chary's tail, but more awesome.

Let me emphasize this too: THEY ARE ANTENNAE, NOT HORNS. I tried to redraw them to look as not-hornlike as I could whilst retaining the design, but I'm not sure I succeeded. It has antennae because it is now part Psychic-type. And because antennae are a major theme in most of my forms.

It evolves to Arkairlett via happiness and holding a new item I made called the Fire Lily. Trying to make that make sense within the themes was difficult, but I really did give it a go. I went with "life energy makes heat." Its flames are sort of its aura/spirit/life energy, and are capable of great destruction, but also of projecting some life into the ground to make red fire lilies grow. That's why Chary learns Petal Dance as an egg move. I really did try to give it a connection to fire lilies as a small nod to one of my themes. Evidenced by the Pokédex entries.

Oh and yes, it is doglike. I'd say red flower-making antennae fire dogs is weird enough to be something in actual mythology. Like a few actual Pokémon, it is able to walk on both two legs and four. Although it usually runs on four legs.

Pokédex Data

Diamond | Pearl | Platinum: Mouriett's highly sensitive antennae are brimming with spiritual energy. They have the ability to sense the emotions of other beings, but only when their flames are out.

HeartGold: The intense aural energy of its flames is rumored to bear life and destruction. Wherever it burns, a red flower will grow.

SoulSilver: Its curls condense its intense red-hot aura and allow it to control its Fire-type abilities. The degree of control depends on its emotional state, which is extremely volatile.

Black | White: Mouriett's highly sensitive antennae are brimming with spiritual energy. They have the ability to sense the emotions of other beings, but only when their flames are out.

Fire Lily - A red flower brimming with heat and life energy. Its power reacts to certain Pokémon.
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