Zephyrus: Spirit Wolf Picture

I have no clue why I made this...I guess I was bored, and I really adore the wolf maker on Dolldivine.

This is a random wolf that probably won't be used in anything unless I come up with a background for him.

His name is Zephyrus, which is latin, and it means west wind. Zephyrus was a god of the west wind in some mythology thingy.

Basically, the first picture is Zephyrus in the present, as a spirit wolf. Second picture is him before he died, with his warrior mask on, because he was a warrior of some high up clan or something. Since i haven't come up with a complete background for him yet, I can't tell you much more than that.

And the last picture is him without his mask. Don't sk me what the blue stuff in the vial is, because I haven't decided yet, although I'm sure it's something important that he has to protect. Possibly his soul or aura or something.

The mark on his wing is the mark of his clan, and it's only on the left wing, although if I ever decide to give hi ma background to use him in something, I'll probably change the mark.

Also, the black swirl mark on his side is only present in his spirit wolf form, because it's the mark of a spirit wolf, and it is on both of his sides.

Based on his (living) appearance, I imagine him to have been a very cocky and energetic wolf. Strong and immortal in thought. Which probably lead to his down fall. I'm not sure why he has a chain on his ankle in teh spirit form. Possibly a power stunting chain that he was chained up with when he died or maybe just a normal chain that he was chained up with when he died. He has no skin on his jaw for an unknown reason as of yet...

I imagine he would have had powers that probably intensified when he became a spirit wolf. Something to do with air/wind since he has wings. Hence why I chose Zephyrus as his name. Because i liked it, and it's meaning went with my idea. I almost gave him a name that meant full of life. I thought it would be cruelly ironic and hilarious, but I changed my mind.

I think as a living wolf, his voice would be about medium tone, kind of cocky sounding, like naruto's. (in cockiness, not tone. and not scratchy!) but as a spirit wolf, I imagine it to be much deeper and wiser sounding.

I really like his form, and the start I've gotten on him...I might get to work on a background, so if you have any ideas, throw them at me! It's possible I'll use him in roleplays or something. Like as a guide or plot twist.
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