Wings Of Life 020 EML Picture

Wings of a mythological creature emerge in rainbow colors from the center of this fascinating and unusual fractal painting. The bird’s body is made up of soft sky blue, amber, pumpkin, lavender, maize, honeydew and thistle. Bright rainbow colors create the center of the body with a red orange heart beating in the core. This bird has a head and tail that both flare outward in violet, lime and forest greens.

Four sets of parallel wings emerge from both sides of this powerful bird’s body. Wings of spring bud and sunglow extend into orange and salmon feathers with periwinkle bands. Between the body and the wings there are lovely bright beads of fern and hunter green with sparks of saffron. These beads increase the sense that this powerful creature is a totem in Native culture. A soft delicate membrane of orchid and wisteria holds this bird together. The background is a very soft indigo. A golden crown with a rose aura is at both the bottom and top of this strong digital painting.

Each of us carries the ability to fly within ourselves. We can each tap into the energy and vigor of the ages. Bring this symbol of strength and power into your own home for yourself and to share with others.
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