Richard Cookiez -Colored- Picture

Kay done with coloring :3
Fixed the fail from the uncolored version(spot it if you can)
Richard is, in many ways - special. For one, he is a walking legend. Everyone in Rune Midgard has heard of his fame.

Secondly, Richard has no memory of anything about his past. All he remembers is waking up at a clinic with a mysterious rock in his pocket which looks similar to a cookie, hence his last name. His main goal is to find about his past life.

Third - everyone thinks he has something to do with the starting of the countdown to the second Ragnarök(End of the world in Norse mythology)

Richard has an incredible amount of stamina, which he usually spends on nonsense and useless fighting with the neighborhood kids and tough guys.
Of course, his insane amount of speed and strength usually makes the battle odds - one to a thousand. His cocky attitude, however, gets the best of him.

His ability to emit both Dark and Holy aura gives the impression that he himself is a Demi-God.
No one, however, has been able to prove this.
It may be all sealed somewhere..."

© 2009 ieatzcookiez
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