Phases Picture

I imagine Persephone going through phases during the rocky begining to her marriage with Hades

The Summer (drawn to Merrymaking by Antic Cafe)- as the childish girl Hades watched picking flowers

The Kidnapping (drawn to Muma -The Nightmare- by BUCK-TICK)- Hades realm is cold and dark and probably very scary to Persephone. During the first weeks of the first few years of being with him, I imagine her looking like this. Her hair dulls and she feels frozen, scared, and miserable.

The Bitterness (drawn to Emilie Autmn and Dresden Dolls)- As she adapts to the cold surroundings, she herself becomes cold. She spits venomous hateful words at Hades and the pride that will later become her regal aura starts.

The Regret (no song)- She learns more about Hades and how he came to be the ruler of the realm of the dead. She also sees how much her actions have hurt him. She feels guilt and pities Hades, and this pity turns to love. It has been a few years at this point, and through her experience she now is more a mature woman than a naive child.

The last picture in this series would be The Queen, already posted. [link] whoo!!
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