Avileo Rex: Arctic Picture

This is the first in 4 (so far) variants of the Avileo species that will be submitted by me. Here is a little reference to the creature above:

The Avileo species existed for a while before humans evolved. When they came about, they began to hunt down these creatures and they eventually hid in the most secluded regions of the world, such as deserts or the polar ice caps. As humanity kept evolving, Avileo hid and waited for something to happen. Their existence was proven in 1985, but the USSR destroyed the evidence. They were discovered again in late 2019.

The Avileo species resembles the gryphon of mythology, with a cat-like build but with birdlike features. It has no wings. The arctic variant of Avileo has white-gray feathers and generally blue eyes. Its talons and beak are a darker gray. The creature is about the size of a large rhinoceros when standing, and almost twice as long.

These creatures are sentient and almost as smart as humans. All are territorial in nature, but a very few are completely selfless and empathetic.

The talons resemble an eagle's but the front two feet can act like hands, with thumbs for gripping. The back talons have a claw on the back that injects venom into attackers or prey, and causes, depending on the dose given, headaches, vomiting, nosebleeds, paralysis, seizures and eventually death, be it minutes or an hour.

Respiratory System:
The respiratory system of Avileo is like a mammal's, with two lungs and heart behind a thick ribcage.

Digestive System:
These creatures have two stomachs: one is for food and the other, the 'gizzard,' is for storage of water and food for later. The gizzard is lined with 1.7mm holes that allow water to be absorbed from there, in small amounts. The arctic variant, unlike its counterparts, needs as much as it can get from its prey, for it is very scarce. Instead of ripping its prey apart like its cousins, be it a small rodent or even a human, it swallows its prey whole and sometimes alive. To achieve this, it has a wide beak and an expandable stomach and ribcage.

Nervous System:
All Avileo Rex are telepathic and communicate with their prey or each other via telepathic messages. The arctic variant detects movement strikingly well and has very fast reflexes.

*Note that these attributes may change.

The Avileo species belongs to me, but anybody can use it for writing/art/etc. as long as they have my consent and give me credit.

I have to admit, this is not the best thing I've ever done. It's my second time using a tablet, though, so cut me some slack, please. I pretty much drew it, took a photo, traced in in Photoshop with a tablet, and tweaked it a bit.

The character above is Aura, a friendly Avileo Rex encountered in the short story Station Gamma, which is the origin of this animal and will be on dA soon.

I can't draw feathers for crap.

As of 7/17/12, I have made the beak look more like a bird of prey's (thanks to
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