Yuki: Tell the world who you really are Picture

Your name is MAYPLE CHERRY SNNOWE. You are 14 YEARS OLD. You assume that is about 5 ALTERNIAN SOLAR SWEEPS, but math has failed you before.

You have 2 LUSII (PARENTS). Their names are KUMIKO and ATSUMORI.
You live on the LAND OF OCEANS AND JUNGLES (otherwise known as EARTH), and your title is PRINCESS OF SILVER (a title your FRIENDS gave you, as it is NOT A CANON HOMESTUCK TITLE).

You HATE BEING A HUMAN, because you believe they can ONLY CAUSE HARM. If someone calls you a human, you become INFURIATED.

You put a LOT OF EFFORT into the things you do. You are an AMAZING SINGER AND ARTIST, but you FAIL TO REALIZE THIS. You are SHY, which makes you feel USELESS. You HATE WHO YOU ARE in almost every way, even though you know there are people out there who HAVE IT WORSE OFF THAN YOU. You can't accept the fact that PEOPLE LOVE YOU, even though YOU DON'T.

You are ADDICTED to a WEBCOMIC called HOMESTUCK. Like, literally. It pretty much RULES YOUR LIFE. You sometimes PAINT YOURSELF GREY in order to feel like you're IN THE HOMESTUCK WORLD, because you DESPISE REALITY. You also made TROLL HORNS for yourself to wear.
You LOVE COSPLAYING, and made a WOLF TAIL for yourself, which you ALWAYS wear. You made WOLF EARS too, but you can't wear those because you HORNS GET IN THE WAY. You wonder why you didn't just make the horns LOOK LIKE WOLF EARS like the CAT-LIKE HORNS NEPETA HAS. But, it's too late for that.

Your life is based around ROLE-PLAY and FANDOMS like MY LITTLE PONY and HOMESTUCK. This, again, is because you HATE REALITY, and wish it would LEAVE YOU ALONE.

You like to study JAPANESE CULTURE, and you know more about JAPANESE MYTHOLOGY than ANY OF YOUR FRIENDS. You also practice the use of various SAMURAI WEAPONS, which you are pretty sure is ILLEGAL for someone YOUR AGE. But you think it's FUN, and it makes you feel COOL.

You can see the AURAS of people when you CLOSE YOUR EYES while looking at them. People DON'T BELIEVE YOU when you tell them this, but you don't care.

You DYE YOUR HAIR black, because you hate your real hair colour. You hate it so much that you've NEVER TOLD ANYONE WHAT COLOUR IT REALLY IS. And people will never find out, because you HIDE IT SO WELL.

You love MUSIC more than /ANYTHING/. You have SO MANY THEME SONGS that you LOST COUNT. Music influences your life in MANY WAYS - from the things you DRAW to the things you DREAM.

You spend half of your life ON THE COMPUTER. One can only GUESS what you do for ALL THAT TIME. But you'd rather people not know what you do when your NOT ON DEVIANTART, TUMBLR, and YOUTUBE.

You have many ONLINE FRIENDS, who you consider to be CLOSER TO YOU THAN YOUR FAMILY. In fact, you consider ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS AS YOUR SECOND FAMILY.
But this doesn't just mean the people online who TALK TO YOU. It means people who CARE and ARE THERE FOR YOU WHEN YOU'RE DOWN.

You love 1ST-PERSON SHOOTER GAMES and RPGS. You also like to play ONLINE GAMES on WEBSITES like BYOND.

You wear a BANDAGE on your LEFT ARM, because it got injured a LONG TIME AGO. You don't remember what happened - just that it HURTS LIKE A BITCH.

You wear GLASSES, which are FREAKISHLY ANNOYING to you.

You have only dated ONCE IN YOUR WHOLE LIFE, and it ENDED AS QUICKLY AS IT BEGAN. But you have found SOMEONE NEW, and you pray that this relationship will be better.

You have a love of VIDEO GAMES, ANIME, and GUMMIS, just like your TROLL OC, AAZOTH DUVORN. This is because she is you OC THAT REPRESENTS YOU. This OC is different in the sense that it /IS/ YOU.

..............So yeah, this is me. Sorry if you guys are disappointed, but this is the closest to the "real me" that you'll ever see.


Mayple Cherry Snnowe (c)
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