Lord of Red Sands Picture

It has been awhile since I have created a new mon once again, but this guy is a little different. Who does he remind you all of? Come on and guess...

The true Lord of the Barren Wastelands, Punaiautiomon Isos Mode. The true lord only revelas his face when there is a crisis at hand that affects his own kingdom. Not many have seen this king in action but when he is in action, legends say that his power is extraordinary. Isos (nickname) removes his mask to reveal his face as well as shears his pelt to reveal his legs. Countless archaic tablets describe him as "ripping through flesh to appear whole once again". The original Punaiautiomon is just a vessel per se, so this does count as a mode change.
Isos is tall, really tall. Standing at seven foot nine inches, he towers over most humanoid type digimon and he has the strength to back it up too. His strength is phenominal as well as speed, but he does tire quickly as he is not used to moving around as his original form. Personallity is rather complex. He is rather quiet and stoic when facing others that share his domain, but everyone else who enters, he turns feral and will not hesitate to attack. Even the Great Lord of the Barren Wasteland worships something, so he is highly religious.

I've been dying to share this pic for the last month, but now I must rest as my cheek hurts from dentistry...

Name: Punaiautiomon Isos Mode
Level: Ultimate
Type1: Fallen God
Type2: Virus
Name Means: Finnish; Eng;- Punainen means red; Autio means deseret, barren, or uninhabited. In Egyptian mythology the deserts were associated with the God Set, for he was thought to live in the desert. Isoceles. Mode
Family: Nightmare Soldiers
-Staff of the Great King who Dwells Below Us: The staff glows crimson, releasing an aura that shrouds the area in a fog. Inside the fog the enemy is attacked by knives of different lengths they cannot see, but are able to dodge.
-Unas the Devourer-Isos summons a rather old Punaipahamon who attakcs the enemy with blinding speed. Will eat Adult and Lower forms at will.
-Domain to Which We Reside: Reaching in his pelt he pulls out grains of sand. Isos recites a spell to multiply the granules of sand to create a miniature desert.
-Uamenti Crusher: Using the created sand, he forms it into a clone named Uamenti who is incredibly dense and strong. Uamenti is able to create a variety of weapons with his appendages.
-Form of the Great King's Divine Staff: Isos transforms into a giant version of his staff wrapped in the pelt of his previous form and attacks. Is a part of another mon.
Evoline: Duaamon-> Punliemon-> Punaihiumon-> Punaihomon-> Punaipahamon-> Punaiautiomon -> Punaiautiomon Isos Mode
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