SuccubaLadyScorpiomon Siren Mode Picture

Name - SuccubaLadyScorpiomon Siren Mode
Level - Xros
Type - Aquatic Digimon
Attribute - Virus
Family - Nightmare Soldiers
Digivolves From - LadyScorpiomon + Succubamon + Mermaimon
Xros Digivolutions:
SuccubaLadyScorpiomon Siren Mode + Lilithmon =
SuccubaLadyScorpiomon Lust Siren Mode
SuccubaLadyScorpiomon Siren Mode + BioRotosmon =
SuccubaLadyScorpiomon Poison Lotus Mode
SuccubaLadyScorpiomon Siren Mode + Lotusmon =
SuccubaLadyScorpiomon Lotus Siren Mode
Attacks - Poison Siren Kiss - Controls a Digimon, with a sweet kiss charged with darkness. Those who suffer this technique become SuccubaLadyScorpiomon's slave, body and soul.
Poison Siren Touch - Releases her claw from
her hand to lure her enemy
and drains its energy from her enemy.
Sea of Temptation - Releases a yellow aura containing blue ocean that tempts the opponent into a poisonous world and causes them to completely lose their fighting spirit.
Death Hug - To lure her opponents to seduction
and temptation.
Crimson Water - Covers the ocean in deadly
Bewitching Cradle Touch - Charges her claw charged with sleep-inducing energy and lures its enemy through temptation.
Fascination - Enthralls an opponent and lures an
opponent and steals its life-force.
Beauty Siren Temptation - She can change into a
human girl or a female Digimon to lure someone.
Siren Shoot - Shoots yellow pearls to seduce her
Luring Ruin - Shoots yellow pearls at all enemies to
seduce her enemies.
Poison Sea Kiss, Touch of Death
Evil Water Storm - Storms down water that the
enemies will put her under her spell.
Siren's Waltz, Siren Kiss
Name Derivation - Latin. "Succuba" is short for "succubus," a
type of female demon that lures men into
temptation, Lady, means female, and Scorpio, is
derived from the sand scorpion, Greek Mythology. The sirens were creatures that lured young men to their deaths at sea with beautiful songs.
Tamer/General - Rei Tuver

SuccubaLadyScorpiomon is a Xros form of LadyScorpiomon, Succubamon, and Mermaimon. Its attack called Poison Sea Kiss, hypnotises others into luring in temptation while deceiving them with sweet kisses. She lures the enemy with her beautiful voice and good looks before going on the offensive. The attack Siren Kiss, hypnotises others into falling in temptation while deceiving them with sweet kisses and attacks with the Poison Siren Touch to attack with her claw from her hand to lure her enemy and drains its energy from her enemy.
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