Your name is: MOIRAE VIDENO

Although you are smart, everyone else find you to be bat-shit crazy, due to your obsession with the PARANORMAL, OCCULT, AND DIVINATION and you like to test of your little skills on your chums. And, to top if off, you're KIND OF A DORK. Basically, you're wasting any potential you have on stuff that won't get you anywhere. Good job.

You walk around with a weird scouter THAT YOU KEEP INSISTING IS COOL, you also keep insisting allows you to see spirits and the aura's of those around you. You also have the uncanny ability to see the future when you are asleep, any attemps to perceive the future by you while awake fail. ALWAYS. You are also able to view someones past experiences by looking into your GOLDEN THREATS OF FATE, you also think that you could kill someone by cutting these threads, but why risk it? Well... you did try once, but the thread would'nt snap.

You seem to have a passion for human TV shows such as Star Trek and Doctor Who. as you find fiction and fictional characters less bothersome than dealing with another trolls. Although you get annoyed easily, you will try to make an effort of getting along with other trolls. And if you ever do get too bothered, your Lusus, which RESEMBLES A BLACK THREE-HEADED CANINE, will be there to help you center yourself. You also have a problem with people touching your belongings, which is rarely done because VERY FEW PEOPLE DARE VENTURE INTO YOUR ROOM. All in all, despite being slightly socially inept, you can be a nice lass. Maybe.

Your trolltag is grimApportioner and you start and end your sentences with "xXx" and you cannot seem to use punctuation.


Also "Aisa" is an alternate name for one of the three Fates from Greek mythology, and "Moirae" is what all three Fates are called. Moirae translates as the "Apportioners", and "morta" is yet another name for "Aisa", which you can probably guess is the Fate of Death. Yeah, I like Greek stuff. :I

Also, if you cant already tell from the posters, she has the hawts for Mila Jovovich. >w>

NOTE AGAIN: I chose for her quirk to be "xXx" because in Graphology (psychoanalysis of handwriting) x's and crosses in letter signifies an obsession with death.
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