Cerberus Picture

Name: Cerberus
Nicknames: Spot
Gender: Male
Age: *growls* (19 centuries old you do the math)
Origin: Greek Mythology
Magic Abilities:
Shapeshifting: Switches between his tiny human form and his gargantuan three headed dog form
Fear: His stare has an aura of creepyness to it if he feels like you need to listen though his stare can hold you in place till hes through
Spiked Collar: Scales in size as he switches form, it forces him to listen to Hades
*growls* "You dead yet? No? Get outta my face...Hades has no place for you yet"
He's friendly enough to people, he just feels more comfortable around the dead and his god boss.
Born of Echidna and Typhon, Cerberus used to guard the doors to the underworld keeping the wayward souls in line and ensuring (with the help of the furies) that each soul ended up in the proper afterlife and that no soul escaped. Now he helps guard the doors of Lore.
Being able to see the true character of a person
Can talk to the dead spirits
Guarding shit
Being a good boy
Dead people

(Yea yea... I got lazy on cerberus... the dog form was not drawn by me I found it on google and cant find the original artist or Id give them full credit XP)
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