Silverstone Picture

Whoops. I almost forgot about this guy. I guess it's because he was only in LYL and he's not part of the herd.

Silverstone belongs to a herd known as the Jewel Tribe which consists of yoshi colors like ruby and pearl. According to yoshi mythology, the Jewel Tribe is native to a mysterious land called Crystal Island. The Jewel Tribe were created by four yoshi gods and the main goal of the tribe was to find these gods. Unlike normal yoshis, the tribe can't live on fruit. Instead, they eat crystals to survive. They have in their possession a large crystal which pours out an endless supply of food (sort of like the Super Happy Tree). However, this crystal is the target of a thieving black diamond yoshi called Chaos. If he were to succeed in stealing it, the tribe will surely die.

About Silverstone himself. It is unknown how he got to Yoshi's Island to begin with or even why. When he found out that Luigi's herd may be in danger, he was quick to help. With his crystal-based attacks such as Crystal Kick, which can turn its target into crystal, he proved to be a powerful ally.

This one's pretty good. I wasn't sure how well the silver colored pencil would fair against the scanner (which has been making some odd noises lately), but I see that I shouldn't have worried. I also thought I'd give him an aura so he'd look less generic.
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