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For those who've been following a fan-idea I've done called Mortal Kombat vs. Capcom Universe, there was a big bad I included in it named Oni Kahn, who served as a final boss character for it. I just had the need to upload what he looks like for those curious of his appearance.

Oni Kahn is to MK vs. Capcom what Dark Kahn was to Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. He is an amalgam of two villains from each other's respective universes. One is Shao Kahn from the Mortal Kombat universe, the other is Akuma from the Capcom Universe (he's from Street Fighter, which we all know is a Capcom franchise). This is like with Dark Kahn, since he's Shao Kahn fused with Darkseid from the DC Universe.

Oni Akuma was a basis for Oni Kahn, which means that his powers consist of a mix of Kahn's sorcery and the Satsui no Hadou (and I deeply apologize for forgetting to add an aura that implies that Oni Kahn possesses the Satsui no Hadou just like Akuma). However, I did include extra eyes and odd tusks since these traits are common with the oni in traditional Japanese mythology. He looks kinda like Doomsday though.

P.S. For any new watchers out there who may not have seen my fan-idea or for those viewing this page who are curious, if you are curious about that Mortal Kombat vs. Capcom crossover idea I did, feel free to look through the gallery containing the movesets I've made. [link]

Oni Kahn © me
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As for the two villains he's a fusion between:
Shao Kahn © NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros.
Akuma © Capcom
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