BA- Daniel Colt Picture

I will completelyadmit I was lazy as hell with doing this App.
I just couldn't be bothered but I knew a couple of people were excited for Daniel to join. So here he is. ^^


Name: Daniel Colt

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Powers: Demonic Eyes, resistant to potions, elixirs and poisons

Class selections: Science, Social Science, Mythology, Self-Defence Arts, Supernatural Studies, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Music, German

Dorm: Norwood Garden Room 101


Character Description: Daniel is really quite naive about the world, mainly due to the Hunts cutting itself off from the rest of the world. He can easily be tricked into believing thing and often won’t realised he has been tricked until someone points it out. He is very honourable, refusing to lie or deceive people. He is however very knowledge about fighting Users and exorcism demons/spirits.

While Daniel is a naturally quiet person he also has a childlike wonder about new things, getting excited when he’s introduced to something new and wanting to learn about everything. He is eager to prove he has cut himself off from the Hunt and give up any information he knows about them. He is the first to admit thought that much of the Hunt’s knowledge is twisted to suit their own purpose.

Because of the potions he has been fed from childhood Daniel has a slight addiction to them; although he is trying to wean himself off of them. His resistant does not help as he has to take very powerful potions to feel any sort of effect.

Weapons/ fighting style: Daniel doesn’t use weapons normally, although he does wear a pair of armoured gloves in case of hand to hand. His fighting style is based mainly on boxing and wrestling. He is now taking lessons from Madako on weapons.

Power: Daniel’s demonic eyes allow him to see by seeing the auras of people and things around him. Seeing the auras also allow him to recognise whether someone is lying, sick, scared etc. It also gives him a kind of night and thermal vision.

History: Daniel was born the oldest son of one of the High Priest of the Hunt. The Hunt had many plans for him but these fell through when it was realised he was born blind. He was seen as worthless to the Hunt and was pretty much ignored for the first few years of his life.

This changed after his 5th birthday in which his father began experimenting on the boy. Feeding him a mix of different potions and elixirs to see what would happen. The final experiment was to have Daniel’s blind eyes removed and replaced with the eyes of a demon. This gave him the ability to ‘see’ by seeing the auras of the things around him.
However the demonic energy is slowly poisoning and killing him.

When Daniel sided with BA against the Hunt he was labelled a traitor. He has decided to stay with the academy as he has nowhere else to go and even if he did leave the Hunt would just go after him.

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