Injection : Phoenix Picture

[Phoenix - phoe·nix / phe·nix: A bird in Egyptian mythology that lived in the desert for 500 years and then consumed itself by fire, later to rise renewed from its ashes.]

[ A personal favorite of mine here. At first I didn't know exactly how to blend the render with anything else in the piece. To tell the truth, I was sick and tired of using basically blue for most of my renders, so I went back to basics for this one and choose to blend shades of purple and orange. I choose orange because it reminded me of the definition up there, about the [Phoenix] being a bird that lived in the desert, so I tried to play on that more than anything else. Purple was more of a given than anything else, I feel that purple (especially it's lighter shades) gives off a relaxed aura so to speak, and I find it often compliments my work. I'm enjoying the grundge/abstract feel I've been experimenting with lately so expect to see a lot of it in my future renders. As always, comments or suggestions are appreciated even if you don't like the piece, but more encouraged if you do .]

~enjoi & thanks
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