Inventation Picture

An inventor of her time (18-19 century maybe?) Considered unruly for her time, a female who barely wore dresses and when she did, she was sure to never wear it right. (For example, a slit up the side.) Many a plenty, strange happenings went on in her home and next thing we know, she disappeared into another time frame completely.
Or perhaps fiddles with 'trail-and-error' as a hobby and her actual job involves home decor. *shrug*
Her name is Aurore "Avice" Bridget "Baibre" Turner. Oddball name, yeah.

Aurore = French = Dawn. (based off of the mythological goddess of the dawn. Aura was goddess of breezes.)

Avice = French = War-like.

Bridget = British = Strength

Baibre = Irish = Strange (Only her good friend is allowed to say it.)

Turner I pulled out my ass. Enjoi her non-colored form, I may never get around to it. Or actually finishing it. S'a notebooksketchshutup.

She has a Cowl (cat-owl). fear it.
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