Gameso Legian (Homestuck Fan Troll) Picture

Here is my fan troll. His name is Gameso Legian.

He has a number of interests, such as chemistry, reading and studying mythology, watching movies whose horrendously long titles are almost as scary as the movies themselves, and enjoys reading comic books. He is obsessed with the end of the world, and often contemplates ways to stop various doomsday scenarios. This obsession would lead him to carry out a dangerous experiment that would cause him to lose his vision permanently. He has since developed a way to sense the happenings in his surroundings, detecting the aura given off by all things. Also, as a way to ironically remind himself of his mistakes, he always wears safety glasses as a precaution.

He wields the ScytheKind Strife Specibus, and his online handle is “ArmageddonGreeter”. His choice of Sylladex is the Encyclopedia Modus, allowing him to store items according to their names, and retrieve them from its pages depending on what page letter of the alphabet he is on.

His title is the Seer of Doom, and he “speaks with much aZxiety… as if waitiZg for the coZversatioZ to eZd…”.

I should also mention he has jade colored blood, too.
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