Nightmare of the universe summary Picture

Overwhelmed by depression and life's disappointments, I kill myself by breathing carbon monoxide. But the engine emitting this toxin explodes, killing me sooner than I expect. I find myself in a parallel reality, being chased by a giant, unseen devil. I encounter many ghoulish sites in the abandoned streets. But I elude these horrors by running around the sunlit corner of an alley.
Meanwhile, some scientists are watching my paranormal journey on a huge monitor connected to my badly burned, comatose body. They're studying the journey of souls, so that they can guide them telepathically to their ultimate destination. These doctors are like guardian angels in reverse, or 'physical guides'. They theorize that the goal of all souls is to create a personalized, yet all-embracing heaven, where we're all one; they believe that the personalized realities we weave, can expand and link with one another, eventually forming into the ultimate heaven - where all possibilities are explored to the fullest.
Thus if I learn to create an all-embracing heaven - where I co-exist with the best selves of even the most corrupt, fragmented souls - they'll be inspired to find themselves, or to self-integrate in other domains - eventually weaving their own interconnecting heaven. Otherwise, most souls will remain divided, continually slipping in and out of various dimensions, at the expense of their emotional attachments/truamas, or mood swings, or at the mercy of comprimising political and religious systems/ society's biases and prejudices, etc.
Thus, I venture through various nightmarish realms, while finding/creating my true heaven -warding off others' parasitic demons and misguided gods in the process.
I experience a surreal judgement day in the first realm. One's deepest, truest self either attracts protective deities or predatory devils in this day of 'judgement', or rather assessment. For instance, some neo-nazis are attacked by fascist aryan entities - their very gods turning on them in the moment of truth. Even some ordinary folk, like policemen, teachers, and other 'law-abiding', faithful, patriotic citizens are attacked by gods or beings they never would've suspected.
Swastika-shaped stealth bombers also firebomb 'safe' metro-suburban areas, while towering tornado-like poltergeists tear their way through.
I elude most of these threats but I'm eventually surrounded by extreme humanoids, malformed agents of 'Project in-crowd'( ie, an inhuman hive-consciousness , or 'aura-thing' which infiltrates, posesses, and deforms society's blind/mindless followers).But the scientists telepathically remind me of my true passions: for boxing/martial arts, robots, and monstrous dinosaurs. Henceforth, I'm rescued by an army of awesome beasts and pugilistic cyborgs, after doing a joint meditation/prayer. They effortlessly slaughter the humanoids.
I converse with the boxer-cyborgs, who call themselves the 'meten men', while the beasts known as 'kenisaurs' look on. I realize that the robots are inhabited by the spirits of frustrated, alienated loners not unlike like myself. They're reformed sociopaths and extremists: former neo-nazis, terrorists, soldiers, and the like. They're drawn to my hopeful aura, for they're either trying to find a more peaceful path or they're looking to participate in a more liberating struggle, beyond the futile, twisted ends of nihilism.
However, our belief in fighting a so-called just war keeps us enslaved, for we're soon attacked by a stronger wave of fascist humanoids; equipped with awesome weapons. But we're also supplied by a greater technology - though we're given a choice: either use our supenatural resources to transcend this self-devouring, vacuum-like reality, or use it to fuel the ultimate weapons system, in a vain attempt to stop project in-crowd's evergrowing army - thus taking a karmic chance by possibly dying and being reincarnated in another reality , doomed to repeat our present struggle.
But our self-defense impulse - our fear - is too great, and we choose to fight - though the kenisaurs have disappeared, as if fleeing the scene of the battle. We focus, and grow to gigantic proportions, waging a surreal boxing war on our assailants; our punches telepathically guiding artillery and tanks against their marauding armies - mechanized warfare literally becoming an extension of our martial artist spirits. But we're soon overwhelmed by their plague of armies; the more soldiers we vanquish, thrice more appear. The kenisaurs merge into one gargantuan serpentine mass, more powerful than a black hole or other portal. They envelop and absorb this petty domain, dissipitating all destructive forces, while providing refuge for the good in all souls - thus, me and the meten men, including the better selves of the 'enemy' are saved. A greater power had virtually intervened on our behalf. We part ways, continuing our redemptive journey, though we're sure that we'll meet again.
I have 2 more quantum/pscho-spiritual adventures, before uncovering the secret of transcendance. My compassionate mindset enables all beings to flourish in my reality, which, in turn inspires them to align their particular realities - to the point that all karmic tensions dwindle. I'm re-united with my friends and family, the meten men, kenisaurs... and I meet many new friends as well.
The paranormal scientists conclude my journey to be a success, even as my physical body dies. They plan to release their findings and conclusions to the public - which are the karmic implications and dangers of an unbalanced society and thus the importance of holistic/inter-dimensional therapy. Though they believe in free will and in the choices of the individual, they're also convinced that much of life's stresses and ills, ie, war, crime, frustration, poverty, discrimination, are artificial, and ultimately soluble... in other words, the struggle should be simplified, so that we can focus on deeper, more empowering challenges. They believe that experts in all educational fields - science, psychology, spirituality, the arts, and the rest should get over their biases, and learn how to create fertile social soil, allowing every potentially nourishing vegetable( the citizen) to grow, as opposed to hastily planting seeds with the misguided assumption that only the few who can grow under any condition are worth planting. This endeavor is especially crucial, since the world is suddenly experiencing a physical apocalypse, beset by the very repressed demons and hellish phenomena that we face in dreamworlds and paranormal experiences.
The tale ends with an epilogue, speculating on the inter-related origins of myths, religions, and some mysteries . Deep in the chasms of Puerto Rico, a hispanic archaeologist and his assistant uncover the ruins of a lost, advanced civilization not too different from our own. They also discover giant mechanical statues and clay figurines of those titans. The archaelogist speculates that these anomalous objects are inventions of an ancient Puerto Rican civilization - They're still functional, and the writings accompanying them can provide a possible explanation and cure to the present threat.
He feels so proud, that an 'overlooked' culture like his (Puerto Rican) once had a glorious, Atlantis-like past; he can't wait to share this 'new' mythology and artifacts with a world that thinks has seen it all. But he's unaware that his discoveries, the meten men, are products of my imagination - 'props' from my struggle in the parallel/surreal realm - and that some of the meten men weren't Puerto Rican; some were European, African, Asian, Mid-eastern, etc. ... thus my unique vision has a universal basis - alluding to the idea that there's no pure race or culture, for all cultures inspire each other indirectly/unconsciously, by way of the cosmic undercurrent, which is driving us to transcend all allusionary labels, identities, and nationalities in order for humankind to create a stable,yet non-comprimising, utopean existence, where we explore and express ourselves throughout infinity.
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