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I liek mai snake.

This is Aurourus, a legendary pokemon based on the rainbow serpent of Australian mythology.
All Ausrtalian Mythos.
It has many, many names:
Kanmare; Andrenjinyi; Takkan; Targan; Kurreah; Wawi; Neitee & Yeutta; Myndie; Bunyip; Wogal; Wanamangura; Kajura; Numereji (list is ttly stolen and shortened from wikipedia)

Water leaks from the cracks that run along its sides, and it has rainbowz, gais.

Named for the Auroras, auras etc.
I cannot remember the EXACT reasoning, but eh.

Don't own pokemon or the rainbow serpent, but Aurouros is MINE.

Randomly, the Aurora kinases found in your body aid in cell proliferation, helping dispense genetic material when the cells undergo mitosis.
It sort of also reminds me of the Rainbow Serpent.
That's hilarious.
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