02-Xandrian Picture

well... today i am very i lazy... so i found a think really easy to do =3 the second on my bestiary ( 3rd will be lethifold) a strange thing called xandrian
this isnt the true name, these are the "inhabbitants of the city of xandria" so i suppose they are the xandrians...

Xandria is a city located at the center of cosmos, imagine a big sphere... big big big... and imagine skyscrappers coming from everywhere inside it, even from above , and imagine this sphere being surrounded bythe river styx and gigantic chains, really gigantic, and making a disturbing sound, this way is xandria =3
i founded these guys on my book "battle of apokalypse" and as every creature in this book came from this mythology, and from these i dunno which... i suppose it is ocultism

number: 02
name: Xandrian , Inhabbitant of xandria
element: earth/???
origin: ocultism
these tiny spheral beings had no arms or legs, just a big eye that are everytime opened, and a metalic shell these creature are taken has the strangest in the universe, the angels and the demons, capables to see the aura of one, tells that these creatures haven't aura, and aren't eighter good nor bad... just misteryous

earth is the element that replaces the steel type too. the lesser elements of mine aren't being used on my bestiary...
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