Fakemon List 14 Picture

Pseudo-legends and first three legendaries.

Skuroid (Dragon/Dark): The Draconic Pokemon. The aura left by this Pokemon can leave minds with hatred.
Skimel (Dragon/Dark): The Draconic Pokemon. Its odd shaped wings and two tails make it the fastest in the air.
Skynod (Dragon/Dark): The Armored Wing Pokemon. Its steel covered wings create a shield around Skynod's body.

Timour (Psychic): The Time Pokemon. As the hours go by, Timour gains new abilities. It carries a clock on its back, which helps it control time.

Arco (Ice/Psychic): The Colored Pokemon. This mythological Pokemon is said to have brought color to the universe.

Jada (Grass/Psychic): The Life Pokemon. This mythological Pokemon keeps the Earth's energy in balance. Without this Pokemon, the environment would die off.
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