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Updated Bio:

***Important note: Yui does not wear clothes that show off cleavage, so if she should cameo I ask you please do not dress her like that.***

Civilian info
Name: Yui Kuro
Birthday: Feb 17th
Astrological sign: Aquarius
Blood Type: O+
Height: 5'2 ft/ 157 cm
Weight: 132lb/ 60kg
Family: Mother (Manga editor), Yoichi (twin brother older), Father (Photographer)
Favorite food: Strawberries, sukiyaki
Least favorite: junk food
Hobby: baking, writing (mainly poetry), singing (secretly), knitting
Habits: Going to high places when stressed
Special skills: baking & writing
Powers: Can sense/read auras
Interests: Music, Astronomy, mythology, poetry, reading, nature-especially birds, and history
Dislikes: cats
Occupation: Maid Café waitress

Good points: Is kindhearted, though rather blunt at times with her honesty. She does tend to put others before herself especially when it comes to health. Do to her aura sensing and knitting hobby she is quite observant.

Flaws: Yui is naive about relationships, therefore makes her have trouble adjusting to having friends. This in turn also makes her shy at times and rather sensitive about certain subjects. When provoked she can be rather violent mainly towards her twin brother Yoichi. She does have a mischievous side partly do to Sound's influence, so in turn she does tend to tease (sometimes rather cruelly) or pull a prank.

*Note: Normally it does take a good while to get her angry, but if something hits the right button she snaps.

Fears: Storms
Has trouble with: Sewing, boys, swimming*

*She isn't the world's best swimmer, but that won't stop her from going into the water that she can touch bottom in.

Weaknesses: Cute things and sand( cancels out her senshi powers)
Dream: To open her own shop of plushies, this is hard for her to accomplish do to her lacking in the sewing skill.

senshi info
Senshi form: Nova Sound
Henshin phrase: Sound Nova power Make-up!
Henshin item: A stared bell
Planetary symbol: A bell
Weapon item: Sound Talon (sword)

History:Long ago Sound was one of the 7 guardians to her beloved princess Naomi. As the fates would have it for her, her and the princess fell in love which was frowned upon due to their duties by birth. They kept this secret even when Naomi had gone mad due to being possessed by a Chaos Beast (a creature similar to a demon). After Naomi had killed the remaining six guardians she requested Sound to kill her.

Much to her dismay she followed through on this request. Once Naomi was dead a very powerful enemy of Sound's planet arrived. They fought though Sound lost in the end which is were the scar Yui bares on the left side of her chest comes from.

Currently when Yui's mindset is dominant, Sound acts similar to a conscience. She often only speaks when she has to make a smart remark, or to warn Yui about something. Being separate in this matter Sound's mindset can take over Yui at times when she feels like it. This turns Yui's eyes into Sound's trademark color and her voice is smoother and a little deeper than Yui's.

Personality: There is a large difference of personality between her and Yui. She is very mischievous and flirty with women she finds attractive. Though she is also wise due to her age (500+ years) and despite her mischievous nature is quite mature. When in battle she shows no mercy and is very quick to make up for her not having wings. She can also jump very high for the same reason.

Offensive attacks:

Nova Rejection: Sends a blast of sonic waves at opponent. This attack usually confuses the enemy. But enough to push them back a distance. (visual: [link] )

Echo Cannon: Sound’s left hand holds up her right arm by the elbow. Her right hand is in a halt position to signify a canon like gesture. Then a very power wave of sonic tones are blasted. This attack is severally more powerful than Nova Rejection. It is often powerful enough to knock a standing opponent to the ground. (visual: [link] )


Banshee: A pulsation of deafening screeching shoots out from Sound's mouth often stunning the opponent or knocking them out. (visual: soon)

Siren's Call: A haunting , yet beautiful melody produced by Sound's flute. This can release one from spells effecting auras or even cause enemies to fall asleep. (visual: soon)

Resonance deflection: A bubble of energy surrounds allies shielding them from attacks. This attack is very draining to Sound and only fades when she is unconscious, dead, or willing shuts it down. However it does flicker if her energy is low while fighting. (Visual: soon)

***note: Sound does not have a princess form what so ever! She does have a Valkyrie form, but this has yet to be properly designed nor has it been awakened. ***
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