Colchimon Picture


Name origin: Colchian Dragon, Greek mythological dragon that guarded the golden fleece.
Family: Nightmare Soldiers
Type: Dragon Digimon
Stage: Rookie
Attribute: Virus
Evolution Line: Uromon -> Wyrmon -> Colchimon -> Achromon -> ??? -> ???


Colchimon is Kai’s only connection to reality, and is the only one who he will freely talk to. Colchimon is loyal to Kai up to a point, but will only ever act in his best interests. If he feels Kai is taking something too far, he will say so and refuse to proceed. However he does respect Kai and tries to help him whenever he can.
Being a Digimon of darkness has never bothered Colchimon; he is very controlled and calculating. Similar to Kai, he rarely raises his voice, and he is very slow to anger. When he is angered he can unleash devastating power, but he will only ever go as far as he needs to, aware of others.
Colchimon and Ladomon have a relationship much like that of a brother and sister, each one supports and protects the other. Out of the two Colchimon is the more confident, and is quicker to take action. Colchimon also has a respect for Eloise, and she’s the person he turns to when he doesn't know what to do.

Battle Style: Alone Colchimon is one of the most powerful of the partners, although he and Ladomon mutually benefit each other. He has swift movements and powerful attacks, but he never goes all out unless absolutely necessary. He will often hold back to help others rather than head straight for the action himself.


• Shadow Blade – Colchimon’s tail extends with a dark aura, and he swings it at his opponent.
• Paralysis Pulse – Colchimon releases a sphere of energy, which slows the movement of whatever it touches.


Because shadow dragons are, and will always be, completely awesome.
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