Nyala, Daughter Of The Syren Picture

The syren (n.)- a mythological water nymph with dark skinned and blue and black hair indigenous in Andromeda to be more specific, Celestia. The syren is the queen of all of the water nymphs, to be exact, the queen is Soleil, the mother of Bloody Amity and the surrogate mother of Siana Morgana. The syren is not like sirens of mythology, instead they make a man fall in love with them through their aura and if that doesn't work, they bite their victim into obedience. (Other nymphs have that same power) One could even be savage enough to take down a whole empire with their army of lovesick puppets

Nyala is the princess of the water nymphs and Soleil's only legitimate daughter. She is not as cut throat and seductive as her mother though. Her mother lusts, but she is all about her own self worth and does not want to sale her dignity or body to just anyone. She also believes in true love beyond the idea of sexual pleasures. Soleil starts to notice this about her daughter, so she forces her to find a man in Galaluna and try to charm him into submission to see if Nyala was a true syren. So Nyala takes her challenge and becomes a housekeeper and nanny to a wealthy Galalunian family. But she does not once try to seduce the husband and father of the family.

After two years, the family moves out of the house and tell Nyala to stay so she could work for another family that buys the house. So she did as they said and met the next family she had to work for...Arvel and his daughter, Ainsley. She quickly hits it off with both of them and loves to play with little Ainsley while Arvel works late nights. Later on, Arvel tells her stories about his wife that was now lost or dead, so Nyala backed off for awhile. But one night, he got hurt on the job so she had to help him in bed and do everything he would usually do at home...which made her lust after him. But she tries to control her urges until Arvel makes the first move and politely asks her to go out with him to a corporate party after he leaves Ainsley with Lance's nanny.

That morning, Nyala ends up in his bed with just a light nightgown on clutched tightly in Arvel's strong grip. She figures it is the time to do what her mother wants so she bites him before he wakes up. She feels guilty for messing with his emotions though since he was still grieving his wife, but she wanted to make her mother proud. After a few days, she decides to fess up to him about the spell she put on him but instead of him throwing her out, he kisses her and tells her that he really did think she was beautiful and all the feelings he had for her were real. After a year of courting, the two get married and Ainsley finally gets to have a happy family again until Arvel dies nine months after Ainsley's tenth birthday. Nyala was so heartbroken she returned back home never to return to Galaluna until Ainsley and Lance's wedding. Well, that's all I have so far. Enjoy!

P.S. The outfit was inspired by Madeline Hatter from Ever After High
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