Don't turn around! Picture

"Scott, do you hear that? It sounds like breathing!"
"I don't hear anything."

A scene from my short story Station Gamma (which will be here eventually) where Ashley and Scott are snuck up on by an Avileo Rex ([link]). What's the beast going to do? Eat them? Pull out a gun and demand money? Who knows? I do.

This is by far the most complex thing I have drawn with photoshop yet. I found some tutorials here on dA on mist and snow, and this actually turned out extremely well. As for the technique, I took a photo of the original drawings (one for the foreground, another for the background) and tweaked them A LOT in PSE 8. Sadly, I haven't been able to make a good drawing straight on the tablet, but I'll do it someday.

I also can't draw gas masks, but at least I actually tried!
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