Shinigafuugeimon: DO Picture

Last Mode Change for Shinigafuugeimon, Dirge Opressor. This guy is still a vaccine, but acts more like a bad tempered, justice-loving bad-ass ghost who will stop anyone for doing the simplist crime. Dirge's lower jaw is prone to pop off at times, so be carefull of sharp falling teeth.
In this mode, Dirge can't fly. He has no reason to, because of weight terms. His stamina is really low, but his strength is really high, so he can't stay in battle for a very long time before reverting to a digitama.

Name: Shinigafuugeimon: Dirge Opressor
Level: Ultimate
Type1: Undead
Type2: Vaccine
Name Means: Eng. Jap. Ger.: Shinigami; Fuujin is the god of wind in Japanese Mythology; Geist means ghost of spirit in German; A Dirge is a funeral song, kinda like a reqiuem; Opressor
Evolves From: Shinigafuugeimon Requiem Mode
Evolves to: Nothing
Family: Nightmare Soldiers/ Virus Busters
Funeral Pyre: A purplish flame erupts from his bell. Very powerful, but has serious side-effects to the user.
Dirge of Passage: The last attack. A powerful soundwave is emitted from the bell. It travels and grows, mixing with other sounds, to create a destructive aura that demolishes everything in a 50 mile radius. Anything caught in this will instantly be torn to shreds, or will implode because of the soundwaves.
Evoline: Ghulmon-> Yuugeimon-> EternalYuugeimon-> Shinigafuugeimon-> Shinigafuugeimon Requiem Mode-> Shinigafuugeimon Dirge Opressor
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