Simurgh, Time-Space Devourer Picture

This is my version of the Simurgh...but I heard about it after playing a game named knightFall 2...

And after a lot of thinking, I decided to put as my own and powerful meanie character ever created.

About a little scary.

As the title says, is the Time-Space Devourer, capable to stop time and suck space at the same time it spread a heavy negativiness aura.
It will stop everything only to be the one and only being who can breathe, live, walk or simply exist in the neverending pure darkness, more known as Heart of the Void

The Simurgh (in my version), is a creature created by the incomprenhesible and prideful lust for power. It is the responsable of the amount of war it happened or would happen.
No one can attack the Time-Space Devourer without losing their soul...when someone enters in the Heart of the Void the price to encounter it is very high...once there is no return, even if you could defeat him.
It points can be in anywhere for the extense and powerful darkness it reigns over all it body. it one move can paralyze all, and in other destroy it.

It can corrupt the same time-space with one pure darkness blast, disappear at will, leaving the combatiant to fight its neverending minions...normally conformed by phobias, enemies of the past and future; and illusions of the same void.
It is the real and main powerful dreadlord of the power of darkness, chaos and chiefly, power....

The Simurgh is a persian mythology
Simurgh belongs to Knightfall 2
Simurgh, Time-Space Devourer belongs to me
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