Lucas Pensolve Darkholm - with Wrath Picture

Profile -
Name: Marcus Wells Pensolve (Lucas DarkHolm)
Nicknames: Mister ghost
Age: 238 (But appears to be at the age of a Teenager)
Gender: Male
Spicies: Part Ghost, Human
Personality: Timid most of the Times except when he's frustrated,

Apperence -
Top: Black Robes
Bottom: Ghost Aura
Coat/Jumper/Jacket: Black Robes
Acssessories: Eye Patch, Turban
Hair: Pail Brown, Short for a Mop Head
Eye's: Brown

Shaman Stuff -
Know For: Summoning, Knowing ancient Stuff - Items (may be Magical), Weapons, Beast's,
Familiar: Wrath - Demon Ghost from another Dimension
Books: Summoning for Beginners, Mythology
Spells: Some Black Magic

Relations -
Mother: Maria Wells
Father: Andrew Pensolve
Sister(s): Susie Pensolve, Elizabeth Pensolve, Rachel Pensolve
Girl Friend: N/A
Best Friend: Wrath
Friends: Rizzo,
Aqquatences: Howard, Vince, Naboo, Bollo, Bob Fossil

Combat -
Ability/Power: Black Magic, Summoning Monsters
Weapon(s): Spear & Wrath
Techniques: When it comes to tack-ticks He Just improvises
Note: He doesn't take part in many Fight's, But Dose Defend Friends or Friends of Friends

The Innocent Shaman Is often In trouble For summoning Beast's & Letting them attack people who are Mean to him or Mistreat him. He is a Nice Person but He's often judged Stereotypical, Especially when he's with him Familiar.

Has Been a Good Friend of Rizzo's ever Since He met Her (that was when she was still with the boosh)

He Dosn't want to talk about his Past Because it Upset's him.
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