Pandora's box Picture

This is another painting in sort of the same style as the wolf I made (which I submitted just before this one). (aura n stuff)
I wanted to illustrate Pandora opening the box a little (the box was actually a huge jar) and that she doesn't really notice how much evil can come out by just opening it a little.
In the 'evil' I wrote ἑπτά ('hepta') and means seven.
I found it interesting how the number seven symbolizes "God's perfect, finished work.'' and as well it's known as the seven sins.
In short, by putting it here, I mean that everybody isn't perfect. (good in evil and evil in good)
I guess this could be connected to real life as well xD

It's not the best style or the style I'm capable of (the under part of the dress is baddd), but I enjoy it c:
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