The Cowl: Evangeline Lilith Picture

04/06/13 EDIT: Changed the picture and updated her profile.

"I love the smell of pure, abject terror in the evening."

Name: Evangeline "Eve" von Lilith
Franchise of Origin: Jewish Mythology
Trope: The Cowl
Virtue: Temperance
Symbol: Pentagram
Clan: Darkness/Fire
Weapon: Tiamat Flexblade - Named after the Mesopotamian mother of monsters, this deadly weapon is literally made from her tail. Its blade-like armor plates are articulated to provide both strength and flexibility; the plates' sharp edges are capable of slashing through tough hide, which Eve takes advantage of with overwhelming ferocity and lethal precision.
Affiliation: Neutral, Rogue (formerly the Legion of the Nine Circles)
Age: N/A
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 135 lbs
- Extremely skilled with dark magic; can manipulate shadows, emotions, and the life-force of others.
- Wings not only grant her flight, but also can cloak themselves in shadow to attack enemies.
- Capable of phasing into shadows, allowing her to move swiftly without being noticed. Can also solidify and manipulate shadows, creating weapons from any form of darkness.
- Her head, hands, and (women's US size 15) feet are detachable, allowing her to attack from a considerable distance. She can drink blood using her razor-sharp fangs, and stores it in her hair which, though normally dark blue, turns brilliant scarlet when feeding.
- Her alluring appearance and manipulative skills allow her to charm unsuspecting targets. On the flipside, she's got razor-sharp retractable claws and a blade-plated tail, and her neck, wrist, ankle, and shoulder mouths can deliver a vicious bite.
- Nothing to write home about in terms of physical power. Mediocre in terms of close-range offense, pathetic in terms of defense.
- Wing membranes are surprisingly delicate and can be easily damaged.
- Hates water and can't swim. This may be the result of the infamous European witch trials; to this day she does not, in fact, enjoy being dunked into large bodies of water.
- Fiercely protective of those she loves - mates, children, allies, etc. One of her few predictable behaviors and can be used against her by careful if unscrupulous opponents.
- Bitter and rebellious, often to a fault, though she does a good job at hiding it most of the time. She desires nothing more than to raise a loving family peacefully and is therefore hard to convince to fight for any other cause, good or bad. Forcing her to bow to your wishes only makes her angry, and therefore more prone to irrational, destructive tantrums.
During the Jurassic period, the demon queen and mother of monsters, Tiamat, was queen of the prehistoric landscape. For 100 million years, she alone ruled a world of cruelty and lustfulness, keeping to herself and her carnivorous broods... until Satan, the Demon Prince of Wrath who was long thought left for dead in the aftermath of the Permian/Triassic extinction and the Fall of Therion, returned to power in the Cretaceous period. When he came to take Tiamat's offspring from her, she understood his intentions at once and challenged him to a ferocious battle. In the aftermath of her loss, Satan decided to forgo destroying her entirely and hold her disembodied soul as his personal hostage...
So Tiamat remained dormant until the age of Man, when the Legion's preparations for their subjugation of the mortal world included giving her a new body. She expected a monstrous, powerful form and a function as a guardian of the Legion's forces, but the Legion sacrificed maidens of purest heart and fairest complexion to her, to keep her from blowing their cover. Demonic lust and human pride combined, giving Tiamat a new identity known as Lilith. But the most recent maiden, named Violet, refused to be conquered, and treachery from both parties led to the bond between Lilith and the Legion being brutally torn apart. Taking a new name for herself, Evangeline learned to coexist with her host - and just in time, too. Their travels as rogue characters were to take their path towards that of the Yonder continuity protagonist... setting the stage for a deadly love triangle that would soon put the existence of all three souls on the line.
As a mostly neutral character, Eve has the potential to side with either "heroism" or "villainy." She chooses not to because she has difficulty trusting either side because of their different ideals. However, she also understands that her neutrality makes it difficult for her to forge any stable relationships, because she retains her thirst for blood, but that of the impure at heart, a craving that is frowned upon by both sides for various reasons. Personality-wise, she is mischievous, flirtatious, sadistic, and prideful, taking immense pleasure in the use of her abilities and particularly in "playing with her food" before subduing it. Because of her status as the primoridal matriarch, however, she does not wish to follow the stereotypes of the Legion and thus does not stoop to indiscriminate murder. Her "guidance" of human hosts means she also retains her capacity for emotions, sympathy, and paternal care. Secretly, she desires true love, namely a husband to protect her "household," and hopes that there is at least one being who admires her for her multi-faceted nature, and does not judge her by her former allegiances.

Special Actions:
Standard: Fireball (Fire) - An aura of blue flaming Flow gathers around her hand, forming a giant gauntlet-like mouth-cannon which shoots a blue fireball. Direction can be changed with the control stick until the attack dies down or hits something.
Horizontal: Nightmare Face (Darkness) - Her head comes off and flies around the reticle, targeting enemies automatically but not attacking. With the next press of the Special Button, the head swoops and bites down upon the opponent, draining health which is transferred to her body. She cannot execute other specials until reunited with her head, though her body can attack as normal; reconnecting the head and body involves moving the reticle back to the marker and pressing the special button once again.
Upward: Shadow Spiral (Darkness) - Casting a pentagram around her feet, she crouches and charges up. Then her entire form dissolves into black flames before rocketing in a vertical spiral for up to 5 vertical paces (10 at max. upgrade); the spiral trail expands outwards from the launch site and damages any opponent it touches. Provides excellent vertical recovery.
Downward: Pyro Bomb (Fire) - Conjures a large blue fireball and tosses it towards the reticle. It burns upon contact and between 3 and 5 seconds later, it explodes, scorching everything within 6 or 7 paces and sending pyroclastic shrapnel everywhere.

I already explained most of Lilith's history and whatnot in the previous picture of her. What needs to be said now is that this update of her design took me quite some time to draft and complete. For one thing, the Lilith name and immediate aspects have been done to death already, even though many myths portray her as more sympathetic than other Legion members. Since other depictions go for the purely demonic or femme fatale route, I decided to take a third option when I read that in many myths she is the mother of demons. So I focused on her maternal aspects here. Her personality and design is a mix of soccer/action mom, bratty teenage girl, and a bit of dominatrix/hooker to keep with her source material. As for where the original Tiamat went? Don't worry, she'll have a separate bio and design elsewhere, I promise.
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