Sailor Anat Picture

Man, the red energy lines around the weapons and such look so hokey and half-assed. Mainly because they are. I just have no idea how to connotate an aura/energy/that kind of thing. Add that to my sub-par skills and the result is, well, this. But I never really draw so much to make good art (though that would be nice) as to communicate ideas and then talk about them in the description, so here goes this one:

Sailor Anat is, of course, yet another of the Elohim Senshi, who are based on the deities of the ancient Canaanite pantheon………

- Sailor Anat's colors are rust and tan, and her metal is copper. The goddess Anat was actually said to wear gold and purple, but I'd already assigned colors when I found that out and didn't want to change, as the ones I'd picked seemed to suit the characters more.

- Anat was a really bloody, gory war goddess in mythology, and that's reflected in that Sailor Anat's power revolves around weapons. She can't summon lightning or fire or any of that usual Senshi stuff, but she automatically knows how to use any weapon that she puts her hands on, and can telekinetically control them to boot. So basically she can send a bunch of swords or arrows or axes or whatever flying around to kill her enemies as she pleases. Her main weakness is that she can't create weapons herself, they have to already be there, and she has to touch them before she can control them. So there's an aspect of external dependence to her abilities that doesn't apply to the other Elohim senshi (or to any of the canon Senshi, for that matter) Still, I think her power is badass enough for that to balance out.

- Anat is very much a tomboy, and on her planet this does not conflict with being a proper princess, since women in the Elohim systems are actually expected to be warriors as a part of their femininity...yeah, different cultures, different standards for what 'girly' is, I guess! So she's only a tomboy to us Earthlings, actually.

- She's very fierce in battle and loves to fight! But she has a hard time with the idea of fighting with her siblings and seeing them as enemies.

- Outside of battle, though, she's very nice, innocent, perky, etc.

- Likes to wear perfume of coriander and saffron, jewelry of coral (especially brooches)

- Anat and Baal are the only ones of the bunch who are friends (or rather, are already friends at the beginning---I hope they'll all become friends as they go!) and are really close, with Anat often trying to take a motherly role to Baal despite the fact that Baal is the much more mature one and Anat is clearly the "little sister" more than anything else. Anat does help Baal have fun though! In turn, Baal is often the one to rein wild and whimsical Anat in and remind her she does have duties as a planetary princess...

- Dagon, as the artistic one of the bunch, is trying to teach her crafts like weaving so she has something to do with all her energy besides fight, and Eshmun looks down at her for being so "uncouth" in her manner (boisterous, bouncy, no pretense, etc.)

- This image of the goddess Anat is where I got the tiara design for all the Elohim Senshi…
If you're wondering what's going on there, the goddess Anat is said to have nursed Shachar and Shalim, who were the twin gods of dawn and dusk. I've decided to name the guardian animals of the team after these deities, though in a reversal of the myth they were instead the nursemaids who raised Anat. Not sure if they'll get drawn since I'm shit at drawing animals or animal-like beings of any sort (they're going to be lammassu, which is a Mesopotamian/Assyrian mythological creature with the head of human, body of lion, wings of eagle, and legs of bull)
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