Dragon Mandala Picture

This is something I did about two months ago in World Religions. We were studying Buddhism and our assignment was to make one of these or a short story. I chose this, and after a good amount of work, here it is. My explanation that I turned in with it is below.


My mandala is focused on something that has a great deal of significance to me: dragons. It may seem odd to some to be putting a mythological creature, often portrayed as evil in Western legend, as a representation of my inner reality. However, dragons represent many things to me, symbolically and spiritually. To me, a dragon represents strength, freedom, wisdom, and intelligence. I see dragons as a symbol of power and steadfast courage. It is these traits, and perhaps my general love of dragons, that made me pick a dragon for my mandala.

The way it was drawn, as well as the colors used, are equally meaningful. Many of the mandalas I have seen are usually in lines and patterns. I do not feel that a pattern can adequately describe me. I drew a dragon in flight, because flying is richly symbolic of being free. The dragon is blue, with indigo wings, a green aura, and a black background.

Blue is my favorite color, and for many reasons. The color blue is tranquil, calming, peaceful, and beautiful. It is the color of the sky and the water. Indigo represents inner calm and meditation. My imagination flies on the wings of my dreams. The green aura stands for nature and balance. The black represents death and decay as much as it does suffering and despair. The aura surrounds my dragon completely and trails behind as I fly, pushing back the darkness. It is probably the greatest insight into my soul that I have ever had.

I am surprised at how well I was able to complete it, especially since I was going past my artistic limits in a rather constricted amount of time. I feel much more confident in many ways now that I have completed it. I hope to have more opportunities in the future to do some soul-searching, whether in meditation or in art.
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