Shinigafuugeimon Requiem Mode Picture

Finally, the mode change for Shinigafuugeimon. Reqiuem Mode, the powerfullest Ultimate digimon in the whole Urgmon Family. Fueled by surprisingly peaceful souls, Requiem can deliver justice to all evil doers.
Inspired by Bleach and Hollows, Requiem is the ideal ghostly digimon for me! He carries an over the sized bell, and a wicked mask. His wings have evolved to the ultimate flight makers. He has no legs, and can't solidify the aura that emits from his lower regions.
His strength is outstanding, his defense is very good, but his speed is horrible.
Also, he can talk...

Name: Shinigafuugeimon Requiem Mode
Level: Ultimate
Type1: Ghost
Type2: Vaccine
Name Means: Jap. Eng. Ger.: Shinigami; Fuujin is the God of Wind in Japanese Mythology; Gei means ghost. A Requiem is an ode or song for a dead soul, kinda like a Dirge. Mode
Family: Nightmare Soldiers, Virus Busters
Evolves From: Shinigafuugeimon
Evolves To: Shinigafuugeimon Dirge Opressor
Bask for Repremands: A very misleading attack name. A simple 'ima-gonna-kick-yur-ass-with-this-bell-cause-I-can' attack.
Requiem For the Souls: Rings a requiem with his bell. Can cause hallucinations, and schizophrenia. The ultra-high pitch of the sound waves scramble up thoughts, and body signals.
Requiem for the Dead: Plays another song with his bell. This time, he summons dead souls to do his biddings.
Glorious Rage: A simple 'I-can-shoot-you-with-stuff-comin-frum-mai-weapon' attack.
Dirge Opressings: Mode Change: Plays a low note with his bell. Causes Hallucinations to stall long enough for his final mode change: Dirge Oppressor.
Evoline: Ghulmon->Yuugeimon->EternalYuugeimon->Shinigafuugeimon->Shinigafuugeimon Requiem Mode->Shinigafuugeimon Dirge Oppresor
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