MonsterAcademy: Umami Picture

Name: Umami

Age: 44 (appears ~16 or so)

Monster type/species: Onryō - a mythological spirit from Japanese folklore who is able to return to the physical world in order to seek vengeance. The form of their revenge varied, from the misfortunes of former enemies to natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires, storms, famine and pestilence. Umami in particular seeks out and brings harm upon people who feel moral guilt.

Grade: Freshman

Glamor item: Tinted glasses, with a cord around the back so he can wear them around his neck if need be.

Favorite class: History

Worst class: Mystics and Magic

Current Classes: Human Studies, Mischief and Mayhem, and History

Passed Classes: n/a

Current Points:
5, 128

Natural weapons: n/a - he doesnt really have any, seeing as he is in form simply a young teenager.

Trained weapons:
His cane, in a pinch -- He's not exactly expert, but if someone comes at him he can give them a few good whacks.

- Most forms of religious invocation (ie the name of god or holy prayers) will cause him pain and drive him away for varying degrees of time, depending on the force with which the words were called upon (ie, if you just swear it wont do much, but if you say it with the purpose of pushing him away it'll have more impact). Ofuda are included in this.

- Electronics, for unknown reasons, mostly ones that require quite a bit of electricity; They frighten him and he will avoid or flee from them. If asked about it he'll explain they make it feel like he's bloated with static. The exception is when the person holding/near the electronic object is someone whom he considers a friend-- in which case he'll just whine and cry about it and panic if they move it towards him.

- He is blind, even mostly so in his monster form. Having his eyes on his hands makes it difficult for him to look around without getting dizzy, and his eyesight is poor regardless.

Major Skills:
Curses -- It is in his nature that he inflicts curses, usually of the general bad luck sort. Minor illness or injury often result, but it varies. This skill is strengthened with intense emotion. This skill is limited to only being able to curse someone he is in direct contact with, and only once in around a weeks time, by which time the curse will have already faded.

Intangibility -- He may pass through things/make things pass through him, but he must know what the object is-- ie if he is to go through a wall, he needs to have an idea what the wall is primarily made of. If he thinks he's going through a brick wall and it turns out to be metal, he'll likely just run into it and bounce off. This skill is limited to around three major uses an hour (major means passing his entire body through something).

Levitation -- The higher he goes, the less amount of time he may do this-- At his maximum of two feet, he can only stay there for around ten minutes. Note that the height is measured from his height. Rather than measure from his feet to the ground, measure from his normal height up. He can make it seem like he's higher up by lifting his legs, but really this does nothing to raise him higher. This skill can be used to catch himself from falls, but the higher he falls from the higher the chance of failure.

Minor Skills:
Aura Reading -- But only to a minor extent. He can only tell if someone feels guilt or emotions similar (ie, pity, shame, and embarrassment). Due to his onryō nature, he can only strongly feel and identify guilt. He may learn to tell the difference between other things as this skill is improved.

Slightly heightened sense of hearing -- pretty much completely due to the fact he grew up blind, hes learned to listen more than look. This isnt any better than a human with good hearing.

Personality: Umami is, to put it simply, clingy and a crybaby. He means well, of course, but he has this odd sort of mix of thinking everyone is his friend and also thinking everyone is going to leave him at a moments notice. In all interactions he comes off as a dopey, shy boy, but to anyone who can read auras or the like, he's got a great deal of rage and agression stifled inside him. He's got quite a bit of book smarts, but in street smarts and interpersonal communication skills, hes sorely lacking. He has a love for music and toys, and offerings of these things are a good way to calm him down if hes become malicious towards you.

Character's Background: (warnings for suicide)
It was years after the bombings. Years after Japanese-americans had been wrongfully put into interment camps, and later let go.
He had been dropped by a careless caretaker as an infant, and the damage caused by him hitting his head upon the floor left him blind.
These things often made him the target of bigotry and bullying for his ethnicity and disability as he grew up, and he grew fairly accustomed to it, and dealt with it, even if he wasnt happy with it.
Highschool was the worst for him, and he was, in his mind, pushed to the unthinkable.
He had knotted a twisted bedsheet, hung it from the rafters he could feel in his bedroom when he held his cane in the air.
He climbed onto his wobbly dresser, nervous by the height.
When he changed his mind.
When he tried to step away.
When his foot slipped, and he fell.

He almost thought he had survived, when he woke up, but it was soon obviously not the case. His anger and sadness for what he had done to himself, aimed at the people who he thought had forced him to to it, had brought him back as an Onryō. His desire to have sight so badly when he was alive had resulted in him being given sight in his hands, which had been the best thing he had been able to use for it before then. He spent years trying to find the people who had bullied him so badly, and he often ended up attacking people he hadnt even known, only because they felt guilty about some wrong they had done.

He would attach himself to different humans he thought needed to be punished for some wrong, and eventually from moving from person to person, he made his way far from what had been his home. Eventually, he attached himself to someone who went overseas to a country he had never been to-- Nacoir. It wasnt all too hard, from there, to find himself drawn to one of the skyscrapers, which almost seemed different than the other buildings.

- He doesnt remember his name from when he was alive, and chose his name himself.
- He does in fact have a lisp, because of his tooth gap. Dont point it out, he'll cry. Stammers when nervous, and when stressed will start mixing english and japanese in his sentences
- On the subject of crying-- when he cries, even in his monster form, the tears seem to leak from the spot where his eyes on his face should have been.
- 5' 7" and 132lbs. Basically no muscle mass, he's just a scrawny kid with a bit of baby fat.
- He is allergic to cats, and soy.

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