Shadilver The Hedgehog Picture

The missing CopyCat!

Here's his profile(F**K! It was hard to do!):

Full Name: Shadilver The Hedgehog
Nickname/Alias: Psychic Hedgehog
Meaning: Silverish Shadow
Origin: His name is a combination between Shadow and Silver.
Title: No Title
Pet Name: Freaky Hedgehog
ID Number: None
Signature: none

Gender: Male
Gender Role: Masculine
Orientation: Straight
Real Age: 12
Age Appearance: Looks like his real age, doesn't age after he reaches the age of 13, is a so-called "Highlander"
Birthday: 20th November
Deathday: none
Birthplace: Was created in a lab
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Immediate Family: Was adopted by Sonic and Astral, lives together with their children and grows up with them.
Distant Family: His adoptive cousins: Ruby(Shadow's and Rouge's Daughter), Platina(Silver's and Blaze's Daughter), Melinda(Mephista's and Seelkadoom's Daughter), Karui-Shinzo(Mephiles' and Light's Daughter), Tsuki(Mephista's and Seelkadoom's Daughter)
Parenting: Sonic and Astral are fun-loving and are open for new ideas, how they can spend time together with their children
Upbringing: Shadilver grew up with the thought, to become a hero like Sonic, his adoptive Father.
Infancy: Sonic found Shadilver in a capsule and saved him, after he saw the pleading look on the baby Hedgehog's face.
Childhood: Shadilver lives happily with his adoptive family, and he knows, that he was adopted by Sonic and Astral. He loves his older sister Destiny.
Adolescence & Adulthood: Will never become older than 13, due being a Highlander, but he'll grow up mentally.
Coming of Age: He'll grow up physically(he'll always be as big as a 13 years old Mobian Hedgehog) but he'll grow up mentally.
Evolution: As Sonic rescued Shadilver, the black Hedgehog was very shy and didn't trust anyone. But when he first called Astral and Sonic "Mommy & Daddy" they knew, that Shadilver accepted them as his parents. He became opener towards his adoptive siblings and his cousins. He's still shy and quiet around Mephiles, because he's scared of him slightly. But he has a good life, and he wouldn't change it.

Species: Mobian Hedgehog
Blood Type: AB+
Preferred Hand: Left Handed
Eye Color: Left Side: Crimson Red, Right Side: Golden
Hair Color: Black as his fur, with cyan and red stripes and markings on his spines and body(on his muzzle, arms, legs and tail)
Hairstyle: Long Front Spines, "Normal"-length Upper Backspines, lower backspines are large, like hair, pointing up on the end
Skin Tone: Like Silver's, normal skin tone
"Makeup": Cyan Markings on his eyes, are only visible, if Shadilver uses his powers.
Height: 85 cm
Weight: 25 kg
Birthmarks/scars: Three cyan markings on his back, which cross each other on the half of his back
Distinguishing Features: his markings on the sides of his eyes

Health: Very healthy, often trains and steels his body
Energy: Enough energy to stay awake for at least 22 hours without a break.
Memory: Remembers everything pretty good, except numbers and dates(with exception of his birthday of course!)
Senses: Has more than five senses; Sixth sense is for sensing auras and energies, seventh sense is for sensing dangers(which is not so good as the other six)
Medication: None
Phobias: Has a fear against Darkness, can't see blood or he'll faint
Addictions: None

Style: Somewhat of a softie
Mode of Dress: Wears a little Magic Water-necklace around his neck, over his thick, fluffy chest fur.(Gamers should know, where the Magic Water comes from!)
Grooming: Well-kempt
Posture: Shy and stiff towards strangers, but nice and happy towards friends and family
Gait: Quickly, sometimes Flying(due his Psychokinetic powers), Skating(only because of his Hover-like soles of his shoes)
Coordination: Lightningfast reflexes like his "father", but isn't very strong, has a good balance(due his psychokinetic powers)
Habits and Mannerisms: Twiddles his thumbs when nervous
Scent: a soft, good scent

Mood: Happy and friendly
Attitude: Shy at first, but opens up if he gets to know them a bit better
Stability: Sometimes very emotionally, but sometimes desperately tries to hide his feelings
Expressiveness: Let's them out openly
When Happy: Laughs happily, smiles
When Depressed: tears are streaming down his face, curls up, creating a shield around him
When Angry: Screams at people in anger, but mostly are tears visible in his eyes

Current Residence: Lives in Emerald Town, near the Sandy Beach
Community: Friendly, and nice, but some are also suspecious and hateful
Family: Parents: Sonic The Hedgehog(Adoptive Father), Astral The Hedgehog(Adoptive Mother)
Siblings: Destiny The Hedgehog, Abby The Hedgehog(adoptive sisters), Lucas & Stardust(adoptive brothers)
Friends: Chrissie The Fox, Cotton Candy The Dreamella Norn, Sparkx The Yellowchi Norn, Mephilver The Hedgehog, Sonadow The Hedgehog, Mephanic The Hedgehog
Enemies: Dark The Hedgehog, Dr. Eggman
Bosses: None
Followers: No one takes him serious
Heroes: His "Father" Sonic The Hedgehog
Rivals: Mephadow The Hedgehog
Relates to: Shadilver is somewhat like Blaze The Cat and Ember The Cat, since he's both shy and social.
Pets/Familiars: He owns a Diamond Chao called Dia Dust

Equipment: Inhibitor rings on his gloves, that he got from Shadow, which were specially made for Shadilver to keep his powers in range.
Accessories: Wears a Magic Water-necklace
Trinkets: His necklace
Funds: He doesn't have any money, since he mostly is on adventures with Shadow(only because Sonic and Astral know, that Shadow will keep him safe from any danger), finding some gems and other, expensive Stuff, and Shadow allows him to keep these things for his own.
Home: A fancy house, with many rooms. The living room is the biggest of all, and every of the five kids has their own room. Shadilver's room is very comfy and the wallpaper is a soft skyblue.
Neighborhood: The neighbors are very friendly, and Shadilver likes to play with the kids in his street in the nearby park.
Transportation: Running, Skating, Flying, Teleportation
Collections: collects little gems, and makes little bracelets and necklaces for his sisters.
Most valuable possession: None
Prized Possession: His necklace, since Sonic gave it to him, after he saved the little Hedgehog.

Lovers: Has a little crush on Tsuki, but is too shy to tell her.
Element: Water

IQ: around 265, but that never shows up, it only shows an IQ around the average
School: Goes to the Emerald Middle School
Grade: Normal Grades, always gets A, B or C in Physic-lessons, has trouble with languages and numbers
Special Education: None
Social Stereotype: Softie
Extracurricular Activities: Art

Main Goal: Wants to unlock the secret of the seven Stars, Shadow told him about.
Minor Goals/Ambitions: None currently
Career: Being a hero like his dad
Desires: Wants to unleash the power of his Super Form for the first time, but was told, he's not ready to do so yet.
Wishlist: Nothing, he's completely happy with the things he owns
Accomplishments: Not yet, but he tries his best
Greatest Achievement: none yet
Biggest Failure: None yet
Secrets: He has hidden powers inside of him, which are unleashed by his fear.
Regrets: None
Worries: His worst nightmare becoming reality
Best Dream: Finally unleashing his super Form for the first time
Worst Nightmare: Being captured by Dark
Best Memories: Looking into Astral's eyes for the first time ever, calling her "Mommy"
Worst Memories: Being held as a captive in a lab(he can barely remember it)

Hobbies/Interests: playing keyboard, wants to learn to play a keytar
Skills/Talents: Has a Talent for playing keyboard(Sonic called him the "Modern Mozart" once)
Likes: Pokemon Games(his fav Pokemon is Reshiram), watching his Father and siblings playing some games
Dislikes: Darkness, bullying, getting yelled at by others(not by his siblings or parents)
Sense of Humor: childish
Pet Peeves: Doesn't like it, if someone stares at him.
Superstitions/Beliefs: None
Dreams/Nightmares: Shadilver has terrible nightmares, that something or someone drags him away from his family, covering him in darkness
Quirks: Burrows his head in his pillow and looks at someone, while looking cutely(with puppy like eyes)
Savvy: Nothing, except the current situation at school
Can't understand: Numbers
Closet Hobby: Being alone
Guilty Pleasure: He mostly cries himself to sleep, if he feels guilty

Strengths: Is tolerant, thankful and softhearted
Flaws: Is a bit touchy, shy and sometimes unconcentrated
Perception: (How does your character generally see the world?)
Conflicts: Shadilver's usually in conflict with his two sides, because both want different things, but Shadilver always chooses the good side.
Instincts: To harm someone, if scared.
Lures: He just wants to have a happy life.
Soft Spot: Getting yelled at, being scared/hurt
Cruel Streak: He feels hatred towards Mephadow and wants to kill him but he doesn't want to harm someone. Even if it his enemy.
Powers/Abilities: Chaos Energy(being able to use the Power of the Chaos Emeralds), Psychokinetic Powers
Origin: Shadilver was born with these powers inside of his body. But before Sonic found him, Shadow gave him two Inhibitor-Rings, that he specially made for him, to channel his Chaos Powers as well as his Psychokinetic powers. Shadilver is still learning to control them, while Sonic helps him.
Source: The Chaos Energy and the Psychokinetic energy are stored inside of his cyan markings. He's able to lift things with his "ESP Powers", how he calls his psychokinetic powers, Shadilver can shoot spear-like bolts of Chaos Energy at his enemies and control the flow of time with Chaos Control. If he's very angry, he can unleash a massive Wave of energy called Chaos Blast. But after he uses Chaos Blast he'll faint, since he would lose too much of both Energies inside of his Body.
Ability: Average, but trains to get better
Weaknesses: He's weak against Dark energy, since it would destroy the channels for his powers, making him powerless and he would eventually die from it.
Immunities: Can't be hurt by Chaos Attacks, Psychokinetic Attacks don't do much damage to him.
Restrictions: Can only use Chaos Blast if he's angry/upset/sad.
Alternate Forms: Super Form, Hyper Form(but he isn't allowed to use them yet.)
Extra Anatomy: None

Favorite Colors: white, blue, red, yellow
Favorite Animals: Foxes, Wolves, Cats
Favorite Mythological Creatures: Dragons
Favorite Places: None
Favorite Landmarks: The Emerald Park
Favorite Flavors: none
Favorite Foods: none
Favorite Drinks: none
Favorite Characters: Red(from Pokemon)
Favorite Genre: None
Favorite Books: Warrior Cats
Favorite Movies: None
Favorite Games: Pokemon Heartgold and Pokemon White 2
Favorite Shows: None
Favorite Music: None
Favorite Bands: Crush 40
Favorite Songs: Live and Learn
Favorite Sports: None
Favorite Stores: None
Favorite Subjects: None
Favorite Numbers: None(he HATES numbers!)
Favorite Websites: None
Favorite Words: None
Favorite Quotations: "You can do everything, if you just believe in yourself!"

Least Favorite Colors: black and every dark colours.(even though his fur is black)
Least Favorite Animals: Spiders and Insects
Least Favorite Mythological Creatures: Unicorns(he thinks, they're much too girly.)
Least Favorite Places: None
Least Favorite Landmarks: Dark places
Least Favorite Flavors: Sour and Bitter
Least Favorite Foods: none
Least Favorite Drinks: none
Least Favorite Characters: Blue(from Pokemon)
Least Favorite Genre: none
Least Favorite Books: Twilight
Least Favorite Movies: none
Least Favorite Games: GTA and other shooters
Least Favorite Shows: Comedy shows
Least Favorite Music: Heavy Metal
Least Favorite Bands: Justin Bieber
Least Favorite Songs: every song from Justin Bieber
Least Favorite Sports: none
Least Favorite Stores: none
Least Favorite Subjects: Math
Least Favorite Numbers: every number
Least Favorite Websites: none
Least Favorite Words: none
Least Favorite Quotations: none

Languages: English, completely fluently, German, still learning, but he tries his best.
Accent: none
Voice: High Pitched, like a child's voice
Speech Impediments: Whispers sometimes
Greetings and Farewells: Greets someone by waving both of his hands, says farewell to someone by giving this one a brofist.
State of Mind: Me: How are you? Shadilver: I'm fine! And you?
Compliment: Shadilver: I like you!
Insult: Shadilver*glances at Mephadow*: Stupid...
Expletive: Shadilver: Ugh... Not again!
Laughter: Happy and childish
Tag Line: "Um..."
Signature Quote: "Equality is not equity. Think about it before you criticize someone who you don't know."

Reputation: He's very friendly and nice, but also naive.
First Impressions: CUTIE! (No, really. I'm honest!)
Stranger Impressions: Sounds like someone nice...
Friendly Impressions: He's a good friend!
Enemy Impressions: Mephadow: I swear, I'll tear him apart!
Familiar Impressions: Astral: Shadilver's such a good boy. Even though, he's not our real son, we love him.
Compliments: He's heoric, friendly and always nice and polite towards others.
Insults: Mephadow: He's a Crybaby! Nothing more! Completely useless!
Self-Impression: That he's a crybaby and not able to do anything right.

MBTI Personality Type: ISFP
Temperament: Blue
Enneagram: The Helper
Ego/Superego/Id: Ego
The Self: Pure of Kindness, has a heart of Gold
The Shadow: Negative Chaos Energy to create a dark version of himself, making him blinded by the darkness of his own shadows
The Anima/Animus: Being a softie
Persona/Mask: he shows his feeling openly towards others.

Role: None yet
Fulfillment: None yet
Significance: None
Alignment: Good
Comparison: Suicune; Soft and kind, but also heoric and powerful
Symbol: His necklace, that he always wears
Song none yet
Vice: Pride
Virtue: Kindness
Defining Moment: Being a hero like his Father
Tropes: Stereotypical
Originality: No other CopyCat has so many markings like Shadilver.
One Word: Friendship
Continue Reading: Aura