Zen'Aku Picture

New Design: Zen'Aku Pentagram

Shargia's Pentagram Zen'Aku. This pentagram symbolizes both good and evil. Just like the yin yang. The Zen'Aku has both a normal and upside down star. Which in pagan mythology, upside down stars mean bad, and good means evil. The Good star is behind the bad, but is larger then the upside down star. This bigger star symbolizes that good is in all of us. While the bad symbolizes, that there is evil in all of us as well as good. The Heart in the middle middle tells us, that no matter what Love congers all, and we do not need to fear our yin yang nature.

Zen'Aku 善悪 is the japanese phrase for both good and evil.

Shargia's elements are combined with both light and dark elements. With her Wolf, Vampire and Demonic blood. This allows her to use both. However her light elements is still stronger then her dark elements only because Shargia has not yet mastered it.

This pentagram, is her most powerful element. Her aura will often take this shape, and the pentagram and aura combine and are used as a weapon. It can be used for both offensive and defensive attacks.

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