Loki DeLorme. Picture

A random sketch of a new character I made while I was at *seynadarkwolf's house. I tried to think of a nifty title for this, but since it's such a boring picture, I just gave it... A boring name. xDDDD

Anyways, this is my character, Loki DeLorme. (Duh.) Another character in the... NAMELESS story that Kade, Adrian, Damien, Wren, and friends are a part of. Anyways, bio tiems.

Name: Loki DeLorme.
Name Meaning: There is no true name meaning for the name Loki. Loki, however, is the name of a God in Norse mythology, who is depicted as a coward, liar, thief, cheater, and murderer. DeLorme means "from the city of Lorme."
Age: 26.
Hair Color: White.
Eye Color: Blush pink.
Height: 5'11".
Ethnicity: Dhavalian. Something along the lines of an albino, without some of the problems that come along with it.
Species: Human.
Occupation: Thief... A very, very bad one.
Alliance: Neutral.
Weapon: Running. As quick as he possibly can.
Quote: "I'm quite tired of the Anchorman laughing at my name in the news."
Notable Features:
- Stark white hair.
- Blush pink eyes.
- Skin darker and more tanned than normal Albinos.
- The hawk medallion he wears.
- Often wears the colors white, and, occasionally, very very light pink. (None of this hot pink stuff. xD) Likes to wear open blazers, slacks, untucked and slightly unbuttoned dress shirts, and loose ties.
- Double-layered hair, the upper layer, flipping slightly.
History: Loki comes from a small, snow-covered region of the world known as Dhaval. Known for being a treacherous terrain, few dared to live, or even visit the area. The Dhavalians, however, were adapted to live in such an environment, experts of living on the trundras, through the worst blizzards, and finding food in a place where there was very little. The terrain, as harsh at it may have been, was perfectly suited for the vulnerable Dhavalians; like an Albino in more ways than one, they suffered from burning easy, and light-sensitive eyes. Isolated from the rest of the world, the Dhavalians were a very close-knit group, and all were peaceful to one another.

It wasn't until one winter (if everyday couldn't be called winter), when food was especially scarce, that a small group of Dhavalians set forth, on a mission to try and find food, that they came across a Province due East from them, ruled by a greedy, selfish, and careless king. Upon seeing how the hierarchy was making the rest of the Kingdom suffer, the Dhavalians retreated back to Dhaval, and after some discussion, made plans to raid the King's castle, and give the riches to the poor. (Robin Hood of the snow!) Their strong sense of honor wouldn't allow for injustice, and after some months of planning, a one-sided "war" took place that'd last over a decade.

Loki was but a tender age of six when this fight began. Only the best warriors were allowed on the night-hunts to the King's castle, rendering Loki less than capable of going. Over and over again, the troops would return victorious, and over and over again, they would leave, becoming white bandits of the night. As Loki grew, his firey passion for one day joining the White Bandits died down, after seeing the grief families went through after losing loved ones in the night raids. As such, Loki grew to be the Dhavalian "helper," constantly giving what he had to those families, including money that he had earned all himself.

Fifteen years passed, and the night raids continued. Unbeknownst to the Dhavalians, however, it had only been a month before that their small village had been reached by outsiders, for the first time in history. It was an early morning when the King's troops invaded Dhaval, slaying all in the village. The only survivor was the Dhavalian helper, Loki, who, upon command from his mother, Chenoa, fled on his Tundra horse, leaving his entire village to be slaughtered at the hand of the King's men. Loki was twenty-one at the time.

After the event, Loki became somewhat angry of the world's sense of authority, becoming rebellious. As such, Loki took up what the White Bandits did best: stealing. He thought it would be a good way to get back at the world, for doing what it did to his people. However, Loki was not a White Bandit and was not good at doing what the White Bandits did best. Still, he vowed that someday, the world would know his name, and remember him as the last Dhavalian to be alive.
Personality: Despite being a thief, Loki's overall softhearted nature is still very apparent, thus making his job as a thief less affective than it should be. Instead of being stealthy like a White Bandit, Loki is known to fumble around clumsily while all the while trying to stuff valuables in a bad and leave. Loki is not proficient in any weapon, and more often than not, will flee at the speed of light if given the chance. Despite attempting to be ominous, Loki gives off a goofy aura while trying to be imposing, usually screwing up his "scary" act. He is so bad at being a thief, in fact, that if the person he is stealing from attempts to start a friendly conversation, his pleasant nature takes over immediately and he will literally talk to them, and more often than not, will get the valuable taken back from him, along with a swift kick in the shin. Attempts to flee are usually just as clumsy as attempts to steal. He is a bit cowardly, bad at deception, will cheat to get away, and afraid to harm anyone; he'd rather just forfeit the thievery than hurt someone to get what he wants.

Loki is very heat and light sensitive. He is known to wear tinted sunglasses often if it is very sunny out, and while not as easy to burn as Albinos, he still can burn very easy, and is known to get highly cranky if in the sun for too long. He hates a hot, sweaty neck more than anything, and will often wear his hair up on hot days.
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