Clahelith, Meticulous Mariner Picture

This being is the Guardian of Diligence. For eons he remained in slumber within his watery shrine. However that slumber was disturbed when Wizeman used Ideya of Sloth to create Quildyn. [link]
Despite being aware of his Nightmaren opposites’ existence he was unable to enter the dreamscape he had converted into his lair until two rebel Nightmaren, Leoric and his twin sister Rosalynn, were able to confront and combat Quildyn with Diligence personas.
While they were not able to prevail, the siblings were able to weaken his hold just enough for Clahelith to force his way through, and join the fight against the sluggish sea monster.
Like the other Guardians, Claheliths’ origins are a mystery although the creature has been a part of Nightopian mythology since the beginning., and it is theorized that something created him from an abundant amount of Diligence Ideya.
Currently Clahelith has allied himself with the resistance, and aids them however he can, performing any task given to him to the best of his abilities.
Clahelith resembles a bipedal crayfish. His head is armored and posses a spikes frill, nasal horn and powerful jaws. His arms end in powerful pincers and has muscular legs that that end in webbed, clawed feet.
His back is protected by a thick shell with large spines, and has a short tail tipped with razor sharp fins.
Clahelith is a brawler, fighting by head butting and biting or lashing out with his claws.


Aura: When Clahelith is in the area those around him put persistent effort into their work. He can also use this ability to sabotage the labors of Wizemans lackeys by causing them to be overly meticulous with their work.

Tidal Blade: Clahelith can fire the spines from his shell, regenerating replacements in seconds.

Breath weapon: Clahelith has two breath weapons, the first is a jet of salt acid, the second is globs of translucent goo that hardens upon contact with air.

Persona: Those allied with Clahelith are granted the use of Diligence personae. Those who wear these masks will find that that they can conjure and fire Claheliths spines. The spines will always hit the target, and the same can be said for any other projectile thrown. The wearer will also have the ability to breath underwater.
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