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Beta Tester Name: Salem Blackwood

Gender: Male

Age: 20

History: Salem is an oddity. Born into well off family, Since his parents had struggled heavily to give him all he wanted and needed. This included a lot of video games and computing equipment. He grew to love technology a tad more than actual people, Finding what few companions he had on the internet or something to do with something on the internet. Thought he liked video games, as he got older, he got very picky and choose-y about what games he did play.
He learned many things pertaining to video games, Programming, Character Rigging and modeling, He even dabbles in art from time to time. With these skills under his belt, when he was 18 he began a project to make, what was, in his opinion, a perfect game. He had the help of some friends but this was mostly independent project for him.
It was when he was 19, still in the early stages of his project, that a friend mentioned Droid-Co. He told Salem that the game as almost exactly what Salem was looking for, and creating. Salem was a little taken aback by the statement, but he looked into it, to see "how good this is" He was very judgmental of it , saying he didn't like small things that don't actually matter. He griped. He looked over this game as they information was slowly trickled into his knowing.
It was when he learned that they were looking for beta testers, that he decided he should join.
'Stake out the competition' he said. 'It's business' he said.

It wasn't.
It was actually a little while latter that he learned of the Wish tournament and the prize. At this time he has no idea what he wants, really.

Personality: Judgmental | Blunt | Sassy | Confident |

Likes: Computers, Games and anything to do with them, Motorcycles, Lollipops, Greek mythology (isn't it prevalent?),
Comics, Catchy Girly pop songs.

Dislikes: His hair in his face, bad care for computing and gaming equipment, Strawberries, KSers, rude Gamers on the internet.

Additional Info:
-Hispanic/Native american
-rides a motocycle for most transportation
-Always wheres that red hoodie.
-Is R00d
-He's pretty easy to embarrass.
-Huge Dork.

-His Tail is more snake like.
-He's got arms, but they're in his coat.
-No matter how it is, you can always tell when He's judging you through those big black eyes.

Droid Abilities:
- Flame geyser| HADES Taps his foot to ground and a small fire appears under his opponent
- Aura | HADES emits an aura that replenishes small amounts of energy in a 2 m radius
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