Nocturne Star Ref and Bio Picture

01/08/13 Update: Weakened his telekinesis; the initial strength turned out to be the norm for unicorns in the rp. Also added details about his family, his love of swimming, and some things that developed from the aforementioned rp: little inhibition about touching other ponies, and a fear of violence. Also added a Fallout-style stat block, because I can!

12/17/12 Update: Altered his cutie mark, and added some details on hobbies, family, and what his cutie mark represents.

As the title states, this is a character reference and bio for my ponysona, Nocturne Star. Any critiques or feedback people may have for this, either for the picture or the bio, would be most appreciated.

Previous Bio: [link]
Original Concept: [link]

Name: Nocturne Star
Gender: Male
Race: Unicorn
Age: 38
Birthday: July 1st
Strength: 4
Perception: 7
Endurance: 4
Charisma: 6
Intelligence: 6
Agility: 8
Luck: 5
Appearance: Night blue coat. Pale, silver-streaked mane often worn in the archaic style of ancient Equestrian nobility.
Cutie Mark: A silver gear with a shooting star etched on it
Magic Aura Color: Golden yellow; same as the star in his cutie mark
Profession: Railroad Mechanic / Repairpony
Personality: Quiet and introverted, Nocturne tends to keep to himself when around strangers. However, he is much more open with ponies he knows. He is also innately curious and has an empathic streak, and thus may approach those he does not know if they are unusual, or in distress. Nocturne deals poorly with physical confrontations, and is likely to flee from violence unless defending somepony. Due to his caring nature and upbringing, Nocturne has relatively few inhibitions about being in physical contact with other ponies, and will often hug those he interacts with, lay his hoof on their shoulder, and other similar acts.

History: A lifelong resident of Ponyville, Nocturne Star works the evening shift at the town's railroad station, performing maintenance work on passing trains and the station's machinery. He also occasionally does repair work on other machines in Ponyville. When not on the job, he will often spend time reading, preferring books on ancient history, mythology, and folklore. When not reading, he'll spend time practicing magic spells, swimming, or simply stargazing.

Nocturne's telekinetic magic is relatively weak. Nocturne has trouble trying to lift the average earth pony with it, and is largely unable to lift large ponies. However, what it lacks in strength, it makes up for in finesse. Manipulating small objects, even several at once, is an easy task. This meshes well with his work, easing the process of manipulating and repairing small machinery components. For work on larger machines, Nocturne will utilize a magical amulet his mother taught him how to create. This amulet boosts a unicorn's telekinetic strength, which roughly doubles his lifting power.

Nocturne comes from a poor but loving family. His parents cared greatly for him, and for each other. He is a pony of mixed heritage; his mother (not yet named) is a unicorn, but his father (Gale Rider) is a pegasus. This has resulted in his weaker telekinesis, but has also granted him a good degree of agility and hoof-eye coordination. Unfortunately, he's also inherited something else common to pegasi from his father: an inborn desire to be airborne. This is why Nocturne loves to swim; floating in the water is the closest he can get to actually flying.

Nocturne's cutie mark represents his mechanical aptitude. However, it's significance is not limited to this literal representation. The gear, and the angular shape of the star etching, represents his tendency towards logic and order, whereas the shooting star concept represents his love of all things mystical, his desire to fly, and the whimsical streak that can sometimes surface when he's among his friends.
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