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Anyway- Here's the info!

Name: Takehiro Kanagi (Known to be Take-tan/Kana-chan)

Age: 14

Race: Human

Gender: Male, you hear me? MALE

Nationality: Japanese/American

Appearance: He has messy black hair, it's almost a mystery to how he ties it up. He has blue eyes, with a purple devil tail tattoo under his right blue eye.(Due to his aunt) Regularly, he wears his mother's miko outfit due to his aunt saying 'Your mother will be so proud' inside his head. But there are those rare times where he wears modern clothing, typically on holidays. Though he can never be stealthy due to his wooden sandals.

Personality: He's calm and collected, always the one to calm everyone down and not go into a situation head on. He's quite naive, and can trust anybody. Plus, he never lies.

Background: He was born into a religious family, you know, the kind that lives in a shrine. Although he and his father lost his mother due to childbirth. His father took it as a test from Kami-sama to raise his child right. So therefore, he named Take-chan Takehiro. The kanji of 'Take': 貴 means "valuable, noble", and the kanji of 'Hiro': 大 is "large, great", aka, 'A great noble'. And so Takehiro grew up with a(light) smoker and drinker(sometimes). But his father was kind, a bit overprotective, but kind nether less. After a few years, Take's father got involved with the Italian mafia, and in fear of his little feminine son would get dragged into it, so he gave Take-chan to his mother's sister, who owned Kanagi shrine, and she was thrilled to have him. She often left him to do whatever he wanted, but while he was cleaning the shrine, he overheard 'HOMRA' and was curious to what they did. And well... Curiosity killed the cat and shook hands with death as his father would say.

Education: 4

Affinity: 5

Battle: 3

Mental: 3

Acting Skills: .000000001 (AKA, he sucks at acting)

(Special Skill of choice)Niceness: 5

Affiliation: HOMRA

Tattoo Location: On his left arm

Occupation: Miko/Priest/Red Clansman

Base of Operations: HOMRA Bar/Kanagi shrine

Aura: Red

Weapon: He rarely uses it anymore, but he holds a katana that used to be his mother's

Powers & Abilities
Red Flames: Like all clansmen, he can engulf any part of his body in red flames

• He likes to draw
•He reads BL (But nobody can know)
•He may look small, but he eats a lot
•He likes doing home chores, aka, he's the housewife type
•Even though he's a HOMRA member, he dislikes violence and only uses his powers unless necessary
•His aunt likes to make him cross-dress

•Strawberry Ice cream mochi
•Japanese Mythology

•The person who killed Tatara
•NON-BELIEVERS (Believeeeeeeeee)
•Sore Throats
•Vampires (GO AWAY EDWARD)
• English Dubs

Status: IT'S OFFICIAL, HE'S MARRIED TO JACK *throws confetti*

OC Crush: Jack Rabbit (it's so obvious on how he acts XD)
Canon Crush: •••

Hope you enjoy Take-tan!

Takehiro Kanagi ©
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